Holiday Reading List.

Lots of you have asked me for  a holiday reading list and are in luck, because every year my bestie KJ and I sit on the beach and all we do is listen to music and read books all day. It’s a rough life, we know… Anyway, she just asked me for one so you can thank her for this list.

They’re all linked so you can either order a hard copy or download. You’re welcome.

I do love the act of reading a real book as well as using them for decoration so I actually buy about as many as I download. I literally have books everywhere in the bungalow. It’s casual.

Must Reads.

Suggested Reading.

“New Year, New Me” Reads.

PS. If you’re reading in iBooks, a tip: set to scroll mode in your reader settings, it makes the reading experience SO much better… in my humble opinion.  I use iBooks when I know I’ll want to highlight and make notes because I have a Kindle Paperwhite and it’s hard to do anything but read on that. I’m psycho, I know. It’s fine.

I’ll be sure to report back on my reads as I get through them… Stone Cold Book Club, anyone?! If you’ve read any of these titles, I’d love for you to drop a comment with your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Reading List.

  1. LOVE that you listed Vinny’s book, I remeber talking about it when we discussed GAD, anxiety and such! It’s SUCH a good read for anyone having trouble managing stress/anxiety! Good call on that one girl 😘

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