Glossier Super Serum Trio

Serums  first came into my life a few years ago, and have been a gamechanger for my skincare routine ever since. I now have a million – maybe a zillion – different kinds to treat any issue I might be dealing with. I have sensitive combo skin that gets congested easily and is stubborn to clear up… Though I don’t get full blown breakouts, I often have a lot going on under the surface. Mostly persistent blackheads/cloggage that can’t be exfoliated, brushed, or masked away.

I started focusing on my hydration game a few months ago, after complaining/talking with my internet-esthi-BFF Sarah of You Glow Gal about my problems and asking for her expert advice. Yeah, I was like, wtf are you thinking, telling me to hydrate my oily skin to fix my oily skin’s problems??? too.

She suggested I stop focusing on exfoliating products that may dry and strip my skin, and to add hydrating products instead. Yeah… I was like, wtf are you thinking, telling me to hydrate my oily skin to fix my oily skin’s problems??? too.

But, in any case I changed up my cleansers (yes, I use many), serums, moisturizers, and even the masks I used. I figured there was no harm in trying to moisturize my congestion out, since all my other methods had failed thus far…

It took a few weeks, but shifting my focus from “dry and exfoliate those annoying little fuckers out of my face!” to “hydrate and plump the fuck out of those little pores so they melt out of your face” has done me well.

I’ll admit I am not perfect and regularly fall prey to picking my face (albeit, a clean, exfoliated face, very carefully and with tissues)… I think when I wasn’t hydrating as much, any wear and tear my face took – a late night, too much wine, not washing it at night, picking at it – showed up SO much more dramatically, and for longer. Hydration helped build my skin’s resiliency back up, and I am not mad about it. Now my skin is much clearer – less congested, brighter, and with a more even tone.

I’ve had my eyes on the Glossier trio of serums to try since they first launched. I’m a big fan of their line (read other reviews here and here) and have been waiting to use up some of my other products before splurging on these bad boys.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased the trio of serums purely out of lust and curiosity, and justified my purchase just as any other self-respecting beauty addict and skincare junkie (read: beauty blogger) would – it’s FOR THE BLOG! It’s for the benefit of my readers and internet friends! #logic

So, here I am to share my thoughts and give you more info on these magical elixirs… Meet the Glossier trio of Super serums.

Each is designed to address a different skin issue or skin type. But with how cute the packaging is (Glossier is truly iconic with their slick, minimal packaging that feels distinctly like every 90’s girl’s dream), I want to use them ALL, all the time.

First there’s Super Pure, with niacinamide and zinc. It’s supposed to calm breakout-prone skin and redness. I like using this one at night, especially when my skin is being a psycho. You can feel a trace of these after they’ve absorbed, it’s not greasy per se but still noticeable. Nbd after applying moisturizer, though.

Next is my fave of the set, Super Bounce, with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. This one eases and softens tight, rough skin. I’ve put it to the #1 in my morning serum rotation, as I love anything with hyaluronic acid in it — so hydrating without the heavy greasy moisturizing feels! I can’t say it literally makes my skin feel bouncy, but it does feel juicy and plump, like I have fat kid cheeks all over my face – in the good way.

Ps. PTR also makes a good serum with hyaluronic acid, called Water Drench. Big fan of the moisturizer, too. I used all of this serum up when I was first switching from exfoliating to hydrating products. :(

Finally there’s Super Glow, with vitamin C and magnesium. I haven’t had a change to try this one out yet, but this weekend should be a good opportunity as we’re going out both nights… As this is a serum to “brighten and energize dull, tired skin,” I think it would be the perfect antidote to combat the look of a hangover!!! I’ll keep you guys posted when I get the change to take it for a real test drive.

You can purchase them individually ($28 each, linked above) or get the serum trio ($65).

If you’re curious about these, I’d def recommend. I’ve asked friends and anyone who watches my Instagram story their thoughts, and everyone has positive reviews. It might be a little aggressive for you to buy the pack if you know you only need one of them, but they are SO CUTE HOW CAN YOU NOT?!

Even though I couldn’t exercise my wallet willpower with these, I did only buy one color of Cloud Paint and only one new Gen G lip color in this order, though… Progress?

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and no one ends up hungover like I inevitably will – BUT, at least I have Super Glow to fake a good night’s sleep for me!



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