VIDEO POST: How Did You Get Skinny?

You guys, filming is SO MUCH FUN. First of all, thanks to everyone who’s reached out after watching this – you are everything to me and the reason why I’m here. I’m just getting started and I promise to share all of my stone cold solutions to your white girl problems. But really, if my experience can positively impact and help someone improve their life – that’s what matters to me.

Like I said, one of my own resolutions for the new year will be adding regular health and fitness posts/vlogs on top of my betchy beauty stuff and everything else I do… I can already tell from responses on previous personal health posts and all the reactions to this video that it’s something you guys want and I am super excited about it!!! Get ready.

If you have a relevant health/diet/fitness question, please leave it in a comment below. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel!


One thought on “VIDEO POST: How Did You Get Skinny?

  1. Your most recent video clip on dieting and “getting skinny” was so perfect and was exactly what I needed to watch. I am a total health nut with a love of working out and recently, as in yesterday, had to have surgery that will leave me out of commission for quite a while. Getting back into a healthy and active lifestyle will be difficult and it’s extremely tempting to try to set and hit those goals that do lead to eventual failure. Seeing your video was awesome and I just wanted to thank you for being so real.

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