How To Keep Your Lipstick From Fading And Bleeding

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s The Wisest White Girl Of All?

#AskSCB: I love wearing a bold lip, but I’m a chronic lip licker. Because of that my lip color is always fading, and then bleeding. Queen of lipstick… Help.

Never fear, my dear… I’ll leave you to figure out how to break the habit of licking your lips, but there’s a bunch of different hacks and products to try to keep your fave bold colors in place.


#1: Lip Primer.

A primer will help keep your lips from drying out while wearing a matte color, liquid lipstick or lip stain (which are your best bets if you lick your lips) and will also provide a better base for it to hold onto as you do. It should also stop the bleeding and help keep your lipstick looking vibrant – but lip liner will do that too too. I’ll get to that next, but first check out some of these primers to give your lips a solid base to keep your color in place:

#2: Longwear Lip Liner.

Consider investing in a good longwear lip liner to apply after primer all over your lip as an initial layer of bitchstick to REALLY give your color some staying power – and it will keep it from bleeding. Here are a few of my faves…

#3: Matte or Liquid Lipsticks.

I have quite a collection of lip liners that suit a variety of lipstick colors I have – you don’t need a perfectly matching one for every single shade. Depending on the colors you try, just make sure you have a lip liner that can work as the base for them. Try a lipstick that acts like a stain, is matte, or is known for being longwear to counteract the fact you lick your lips as they will be less likely to slip and slide off.

I’ve got a drugstore vs. designer liquid lipstick showdown coming up soon so stay tuned for my reviews on the ABH and NYX products… Hope these reccs help.

Anyone with products or tips, please share in a comment!


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