VIDEO POST: Get Ready With Me!

Yesterday I planned to film for my Youtube channel (subscribe!) and figured I might as well practice the whole “get ready with me/tutorial” thing and just film while getting ready, too. What you’ll see in video below is my version of a brow demo, my daily light eye and mascara routine and my 1-2 layer lipstick philosophy… plus all of my white girl problems in between.

I’m still learning to edit and do all the transitions/decide if I’m going to do voiceovers or talk my way through these so bear with me… I did cut out some parts of my routine so don’t think that this is a comprehensive run through for all the makeup I wore yesterday! I plan to film tutorials but want to get the hang of it first. :) I did use a bunch of my faves that people have already been asking me about, so I wanted to share them all here in a nice organized list, because those make me happy.

That mascara is probably my current favorite (of all time). I love it because I only need to put on one coat and I’m good to go. This selfie is yesterday’s finished lewk before filming the piece I’m editing later today, and will be the next video you see!


I already have haters which makes me laugh and I’m excited to see what Youtube trolls will come up with as I begin to post more.

As for my next videos to film, any requests? Open to suggestions… I was thinking a different ways to do your brows demo, or go in a completely different direction and do a tour of the bungalow or something. Leave ideas in a comment!


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