WE MOVED!!! Welcome to The Beach House

HI GUYS! I’m currently writing this from a Starbucks by our new house because we don’t have wifi yet and according to Disco Shark Prince are “basically living in the Stone Age.”

If this is the Stone Age… just call me Wilma. Welcome to our beach house!


Last night I cooked up a recipe from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook to officially break in the kitchen and it was DELICIOUS. Made the salmon in mustard and sweet chili sauce – so good. It’s amaaazing to have so much space.


My office is much more organized and put together now, as that was what I did most of today while disconnected from the internet and stuck in my wifi-less life. I talked about this on Snapchat but my big white circle chair was supposed to go in the corner where all the art is piled, but it didn’t fit through the door. :(


In case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so quiet this week, it’s because I have no internet yet, and am also still in the process of unpacking. I can’t wait to show you guys more of the space once we’re finished setting up. PS. I actually *DID* film an apartment tour before I started packing it up, so that will be up on my YouTube channel soon!

Also, I’ve gotten the majority of my liquid lipsticks for my new DRUGSTORE V. DESIGNER: LIQUID LIPSTICK SHOWDOWN series… You’ve seen them if you follow me on Snapchat, but tonight I’m wearing one and tested it out by planting one on my boyfriend to see if it would transfer, and nope. Guess which one? Jeffree Star… Duh. I’m just waiting on my Colourpops to come in the mail and then this will be kicking off!

Stay tuned for more pics and progress shots as we get settled in… To keep you entertained until then — catch up on my latest posts:

If you’ve read all of these, you’re the shit. If you haven’t, you’re still the shit and but you should really check these out. Love you, mean it.


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