What Is Getting A Brazilian Wax Really Like?

#AskSCB: How should I prepare/what should I expect from my first Brazilian wax? 😖

First of all, let me warn you that waxing is not your most optimal method of hair removal for down there. Sugaring is the same basic process as waxing, but the formula is a sugar paste that is MUCH, MUCH better for your skin… Wax is petrol/petroleum based – which, in short, is a refined fossil fuel. Wanna know what ELSE is a refined fossil fuel? Gasoline.

If you’re being “waxed,” the formula is likely petroleum based and basically that’s the same thing as pouring hot gasoline on your vajay and ripping your hair out with it. That being said, it kind of feels like that too… And don’t get me started on when you literally get burnt with hot wax because that’s the ACTUAL worst – plus you’ll still have to let the burning wax cool down *on* you so you can get your hair ripped out. Fun, right? Now, let’s talk about sugaring.

Sugaring vs. Waxing


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The paste is literally just sugar, lemon and water. I actually was just sugared on Sunday so I asked Jill, who I see at Sugaring LA in Manhattan Beach, for her expert opinion on the benefits of sugaring and differences between waxing. This is what she told me…

Sugaring formula attaches to the hair and dead skin cells, wax attaches to hair, dead skin cells AND live skin cells (which you want to keep, obv). So sugaring provides a gentle hair removal method and great exfoliation – waxing takes off healthy skin which is what can leave the area so irritated and angry afterwards.

The way that the sugar is applied is against growth, then flicked to pull the hair away IN the direction it grows. Wax is applied in the direction of growth, and pulled against, which tends to cause more breakage and consequently ingrowns (I learned this the hard way). The technical process of sugaring and the formula helps there to be less breakage, hence fewer ingrowns.

I have sensitive skin so this was a big issue for me – my skin would be irritated and angry for at least a week after waxing, and a lot of hairs broke at the surface so I got a lot of ingrowns. As soon as I switched to sugaring a few years ago, I’ve had significantly less ingrowns and nearly no irritation after. Do you have an appointment already? If so, wax at your own risk – or find the closest location that provides sugaring services.

Sorry to put you through all that before I even talk about the process, but I felt obligated to say something if you’ve never been waxed before.

So, What a Typical Brazilian Appointment is Really Like…

First tip is to take a few Advil or Tylenol about half an hour before to dull your senses, because these are sensitive parts! FWIW, I find sugaring is less painful because they’re not pulling huge sections of hair, they’re working in much smaller bits at a time.

I’ve been getting waxed/sugared for over 5 years, so let’s break down the process a bit. First of all, it’s basically the same for sugaring and waxing.

The rooms have a massage table like bed, you will probably be left to undress with a towel or some kind of paper/sheet so you’re not just spread eagle up there. However, the place I go to now is much more laid back and open – my aesthetician stays in the room prepping the formula and I just hop up on the table. As they show you in and explain what will happen, just voice your personal preferences.

Once you’re up on the table, all they do is look over your bikini area, and if you’re getting a Brazilian will ask if you want it all off, leave a landing strip, etc. and then they clean you up and powder you down and get to work on removing the hair.

If you’re comfortable to have a convo, TALK because it really helps you from focusing on any pain. Get to know your aesthetician! You’re basically like best friends now, you know, considering what they’re doing. Be sure to voice any questions about care or between session treatments, too – they are a wealth of information that requires no internet search. I’ve developed great relationships with the ladies who work on me because they’re personable and get me into conversations to distract me from what they’re doing.

Once you’re done being sugared or waxed, they’ll go and tweeze any little hairs that might not have been pulled up, remove any errant wax/sugar, and maybe leave a hot towel for you and some coconut oil (at least my studio). You’re done and free to get dressed and carry on slaying at life with your sparkly smooth lady parts. Yay!!

After Care & Treatment.

Typically you wait 3-5 weeks between appointments… You’ll have to see what is best for your growth cycle. I go every 4 because you don’t need as much hair length to grab for sugaring as you do waxing. Resist the urge to pick or tweeze at any irritated growths, that will come back to haunt you!! I like these Bliss pads for between treatment daily care, and I use coconut oil as a regular moisturizer.

PS. Soaking in a hot bath once a week or so (I love using epsom salts and essential oils to take it up a notch) will help with inflammation, irritation and preventing ingrowns. Hope that helps de-mystify the process!


4 thoughts on “What Is Getting A Brazilian Wax Really Like?

  1. wax quality has a LOOOOTTTTT to do with how painful it can be!! I worked with a brand who had quality control issues & was more affordable and that shit hurt like a bitch…now we have the best of the best and it’s crazy how much faster & less painful the process is. I loathe waxing bikini’s….I feel like I’m torturing people.

  2. I’m quite partial to hard wax and my esthetician uses a natural one, whatever that means. I actually work at a salon and can’t bring myself to look my coworker in the eye and ask if she’ll rip hair out of my vag. Which is actually a huge shame because we’re the only place around that does body sugaring. But anyways great tips! And yaaaas all hail coconut for some post-pube-partum soothing.

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