How To Make Your Skin Glow

#AskSCB: I feel like my skin is so dull and you’re always glowing??! Teach me your ways?

I think the most important tip I can give is to figure out a proper skincare regime for YOUR life and skin type, and seriously stick to it. You can certainly dabble in some research and experimentation on your own, or consult your dermatologist or book a facial and then ask for professional recommendations.

For me, my radiant skin upkeep routine includes washing my face morning and night (though I admit that even I get lazy at night, especially if I didn’t wear makeup during the day) and regularly exfoliating as well as using masks a few times a week… I also get monthly facials and that’s definitely made a big difference in the longer-term health of my skin. My morning and night skincare routine have a few post-cleanse steps that I have found through trial and error to keep my skin clear, balanced, and bright.


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I don’t wear foundation on a regular basis because I have gotten my skin to a place where it doesn’t need to be covered up. I used to have very oily skin so constant blackheads, and a congested chin/lower cheek and jawline… I didn’t know about exfoliation past those scrubbing microbeads in that grapefruit Neutrogena face wash I used in college. Yikes.

I also didn’t wear sunscreen on a regular basis, which is something I am adamant about doing now! I use a Dermalogica moisturizer that’s SPF 50, and I love this Radical Skincare sunscreen that’s SPF 30.

My Weekly Skincare Schedule.

I exfoliate 4-5 times a week with a gentle Dermalogica rice enzyme microfoliant – it foams up and you let it sit on your face for 30+ seconds to activate and break down dead skin and unplug clogged pores. I love it and have been using for years – if you don’t exfoliate regularly, that could be the reason why your skin looks “dull.” Sometimes we need to help it along with turnover to keep it looking fresh and bright.

I do a mask about twice a week, sometimes three times especially if I’m trying new products to review. My fave combo is a 1-2 punch that I’ve been doing for almost 2 years from Dermalogica, my aesthetician in Seattle got me onto this grind and I notice a significant boost in how bright and radiant my skin looks after using them: the Gentle Cream Exfoliant and the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque.

My other go-to for needing to clean the gunk out of my face is the Kiehl’s Clay Mask. My pores look much smaller with less shit trapped in them, my skin feels smooth and balanced and I feel detoxified and brand new. If you have dry skin, this might be too much for you – or use a heavier moisturizer after. I have oily skin so it is great for dealing with that. I just got a bunch of new sheet masks to try, so stay tuned for my thoughts about those.


A word about exfoliation: more does not equal better. I have found that a Clarisonic is too hard on my skin – so don’t go overboard with exfoliation by digging bristles into your face. (They’re great for occasional use, especially if I’ve been neglecting my usual routine.) If you love gadgets, I’ve heard good things about the Foreo and once I move will be reviewing the Clinique Sonic Brush with extra gentle cleansing head… It’s dope. Very similar to a Clarisonic but it has a two part brush head with a super soft side for sensitive skin.

Bright Skin Is A Lifestyle.

I also use a variety of different serums after cleansing and before a moisturizer as well, but those aren’t so much for brightening. Besides products and consistency, I’ve found that a big factor behind your skin looking dull or bright is your diet/lifestyle. Are you eating well, getting a decent amount of sleep, drinking enough water, working out, and managing your stress? If any of these are out  of balance, it will show.

For instance – I’m moving, so I’m super busy and pretty stressed… Consequently, I’m breaking out. Unclear if it’s from the stress or due to the candy and sugar I’ve been emotionally eating… Either way, I’ve found that when my diet or state of life is out of whack I usually have skin that shows it.

If you’re eating a shit diet, stop using Postmates to deliver you food and make something good yourself. Drink some green juice with your coffee. Eat a vegetable or two with your dinner. Plan your meals and grocery shop for the week so you don’t have any excuses. Your face, brain, body, and life will thank you for the effort.

Also, and this is a big one for keeping my skin on point – I get monthly facials. While you can recreate a lot of the benefits at home, it may be worth seeing an aesthetician/dermatologist for a microdermabrasion or a chemical peel to go deep in your skin and help lift any impurities or dead skin to make it clearer and brighter, and improve the texture as well as combat any wrinkles or fine lines.


Fave Products and Recommendations for Glowing Skin.

Here is the list of products I’ve mentioned above to check out, plus a few more that I currently use or have used and would recommend… And don’t forget, your lifestyle also plays a big role in the clarity and radiance of your skin too – so enough water, adequate sleep, and a proper diet (plus exercise!) will help boost your glow naturally – and probably your confidence, too.

I hope this helps! If anyone has tips or favorite skin brightening products to share, please leave in a comment.


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3 thoughts on “How To Make Your Skin Glow

  1. I might still use grapefruit cleanser, but I’ve graduated from Neutragena to Malin + Goetz. I also use their resurfacing glycolic pads for some premature age spots/anti-aging in general (lived in FL my entire life and at 27 I’ve just recently started to use sunscreen *tragic*).. Thankfully, I’m not fighting wrinkles, too. I, ALSO, use the Malin + Goetz vitamin E moisturizer. Putting it on after using my “faux Clarisonic” (made by Olay – got it at Target for around $40) feels aaaamazing! I swear I don’t work for Malin + Goetz, lol, I’m just obsessed with their products.. And want them all – unless I make the switch to Dermalogica when I run out 😘

    Ps – I have to admit I still use Neutragena grapefruit wipes after the gym if I know I can’t shower right away

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