SCB Adventures to Further Future: A Photo Diary

All of the photos in this post are taken by yours truly in an attempt to candidly capture my weekend at Further Future and give you an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to attend a music festival… Take a peek at the official recap video for a weekend preview! I hope everyone from festival newbies to Burningman regulars enjoy my take on what was a unique and inspiring experience.


Welcome to Further Future.




The rain proved to be a real test for everyone – over the weekend there were multiple torrential downpours, flooding the roads and people’s tents, and various thunder and lightning storms that caused the festival to shut down and send people back to their camps until it passed. I had NO IDEA that the weather there could be like this – it was kinda funny, because I’m from Seattle so don’t mind getting wet, but there were some serious storms.

For being in the middle of nowhere, in a desert 45 minutes outside of Vegas, I thought Further Future held up pretty well considering the technical/weather difficulties. Other reviews I’ve read of the fest so far are bitching and moaning about it like it’s not a literal liability to continue the festival through a lightning storm… Yes, there were some other kinks in the weekend but I’m not bothered because I’m sure they’ll be worked out by next year. As being only its second year in existence, shit could have been worse (but not the weather, that was pretty bad).

The first night/morning we woke up at 5am for Dixon’s 6 hour sunrise set… which was a big highlight of the festival for me, even though he had to move around due to the rain… I will be uploading a vlog with footage from his set soon! He actually played a few songs twice which was shocking, but finished strong as it seemed like he got his head back on and put the bottle of champagne down.

No judgements though, because we made mimosas as soon as we woke up and continued that trend on for the day… Champagne at festivals is just SO GOOD. I see you, Dixon. Cheers.




All of the Vision Speakers talks here were focused on “The Future Of…” across a variety of topics – media, data and artificial intelligence, luxury, cannabis, brain health, messaging, the web, and more.

Unfortunately, they were postponed due to the rain so it ended up being kind of a clusterfuck. I wish each person got to speak on their topic longer, but I am super excited to discuss one on here later this week – I’ll be posting about Jane West and her talk on “The Future of Cannabis” as I got the chance to speak with her after.


It was really educational and exceptionally inspiring to talk to someone who was actively working to bring awareness to people about cannabis, break down the stoner stereotype, and empower women who want to get into the fastest growing industry right nowHer perspective on cannabis as a healthy habit is something I’ve believed to be true for myself… Stay tuned for the interview!

The final day was perfect – hot and sunny. The kind of weather we’d been waiting for… Frank and Tony played a groovy after hours-y, post-Lee Burridge sunrise set in the late morning, a perfect vibe considering the circumstances.





This taco place basically kept me alive all weekend… and OMG you guys, I cannot even with this turmeric latte one of the food places had – divine. On Sunday we went to the Future of Music panel, which was pretty interesting to listen to as there was a split on the panel of those who specialized in live music/performances vs. recorded music/streaming platforms.



And.. a word about our Jucy RV. No, we did not camp in a tent… Yes, I *drove* this. It may just look like your average brightly painted mini van, but it is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!!!


This bad boy sleeps 4, has a fridge, two stoves, and running water. It is the ultimate way to level up a camping experience, not to mention that during the rain it was an absolute LIFE SAVER. I was told that the Jucy van is some New Zealand ingenuity — stripping the inside of a mini van and making it into a nifty little home for the weekend.

When it was pouring and the fest had to shut down because of a thunder and lightning storm – the whole squad piled in and it was perfection. Some people’s tents got flooded, but we turned on the car and had heat and more champagne… NBD.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Then, when I was by myself leaving at like 5am on Monday morning (DSP left the night before for work). I waited until the last minute to pack up and head out because DJ Tennis finally took the decks. I changed… and failed to remember I put my keys back in my fur coat after unlocking the van. I thought I LOST THE FUCKING KEYS AS I WAS TRYING TO LEAVE… I had a serious moment (read: temper tantrum).

After ripping all of my stuff apart and then finding them in my coat, I went back to cleaning up so I could leave for the airport… but not before taking this photo to prove to my boyfriend that I *was* being logical and retracing my steps and looking through my stuff. (His advice, when I was going ballistic texting him at 5:30am.)


Also, L O L at the handle of Ketel One on that chair – I gave that to our neighbors because one of the guys was driving back to San Diego, and I was flying. For being panicked, I sure was a thoughtful betch. ANYWAY, I made my flight so it was all good but this is also the perfect pic to show you the mindblowing trunk of a Jucy.

The open drawer is the fridge (SO CLUTCH), with cups and plates and all that stuff above it, pots and room for groceries on the left, a sink up top on the right, and TWO!!! stoves off to the right of the fridge. All of our friends who came back to the camp were mindblown by everything packed into this little car – as was I when I first got it! If you guys ever have to go camping, look into picking up a Jucy mini RV for the trip – it kicks the shit out of staying in a tent.

Now, to talk about a musically mindblowing musical experience — that would be HVOB on Sunday night. I died. I came back to life. It was spiritual. It was unbelievable.

ffhvob (1)


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