What’s That Air Purifying Plant From Your Snapchat Story? #AskSCB

#AskSCB: I NEED that plant in your snap story. What is it?? 😍😍

It’s called devil’s ivy — it’s a common air purifying plant. They can actually thrive in low light places so when it was in the direct sunlight at my loft, it grew quickly and A LOT.

I got this little guy just at the grocery store because it looked sad and lonely as it was the last one available so I took it home to add him to my plant family. You could easily find these at the grocery store or any gardening/home store like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or an actual plant place near you.

Devil’s ivy is really low maintenance and easy to care for, aka hard to kill. Water thoroughly about twice a week and you should be good — if you’re not sure when to, just stick a finger into the soil to feel if it’s damp or dry… You can also gauge by how light or heavy the pot feels: heavy when it’s full with water, light when it’s dry and empty.


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