SCB IRL: Recent Adventures & Life Update

Hi guys!


I am finally home after a few weeks of a crazy work/adventure schedule… After heading to Coachella (recap here), I left last weekend to cover Further Future, which is a new music festival that was about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas.


I got to attend as press so expect a full recap coming soon, plus an interview with cannabis pioneer Jane West (!!!) and some serious footage from Dixon’s 6-hour sunrise set.

Now, I’m back in LA for the rest of the month, until I’ll head out to Bradley, CA for my FAVORITE MUSIC FESTIVAL EVER, Lightning In A Bottle. It takes place over MDW so I’ll be out there from May 25-30.


Anyway, this post is partially to catch you guys up on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, and also to share some previews of what’s coming soon on SCB. I have a ton of cool new work and collabs that I’m excited to share, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to finish them up and get them out.

HOPEFULLY these will all be out in the next few weeks… But of course my life is so dramatic that there’s another plot twist: I’m moving out of my apartment in DTLA and to Hermosa Beach and in with Disco Shark Prince over the next two weeks. Sooooo… there’s that too.

I did film an apartment tour while it was intact, so when I have the time that will be edited and go up on my YouTube channel. :) I have a ton of new product reviews coming – PÜR Cosmetics, the new TULA exfoliating mask, a full review of the Radical Skincare line, an IT Cosmetics swatch video, a whole bunch of F/W stuff from Maybelline, a drugstore vs. designer liquid lipstick showdown, and more! I’ll also be doing a crystals haul and intro post and my essential oils 101 article should be up this week.

I have a few new #AskSCB posts based on questions from you guys… Here are the first ones I answered last night during my wine and bubble bath rejuvenation sesh:

You can go to the top of my #AskSCB & FAQ Post Index to submit any questions (and you can do so anonymously!) for an upcoming post. Keep checking back for the new new coming out on here this week, and be sure to add me on Snapchat (QueenSCB), Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with my daily adventures.



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