SCB IRL: Life Update & Birthday Festivities!

Hi! So, I’m officially 27… and it feels fucking awesome so far. Something about that number just makes me feel like I have my shit more together.

I’ve been mad busy for the last week, doing work and living life and getting ready for my birthday. To catch us all up, a little personal life recap…


First things first: I got a new plant last week! It’s called devil’s ivy and is an air purifier that thrives in low light places. If you’re looking for a low maintenance plant to liven up your home, check this guy out.

I was down at the beach for most of the weekend, and wasn’t tweeting which caused a hysterical/huge Twitter freakout. LOL. My boyfriend’s friend was in town from Dubai so I was spending time with them, namely #brunching.


If you didn’t yet read the post about how I’m moving in with my boyfriend, I am – and we are looking for places.


We checked out a spot after brunch on Sunday and it was a really cute place – situated on a beautiful walk street (look how close the ocean is!) and with two huge decks that make it feel huge. It has a teeny master bathroom and a less than desirable parking situation, so we’re not making any moves yet but it was really fun to start looking… I can’t wait to decorate a beach bungalow.

I was out walking the dog when I saw this serious #GOALS beach house.


I meannnn. Right?!

On Monday I didn’t do anything interesting, until we went out to Richie Hawtin that night. He technically played ON my birthday since it was after midnight so I felt special, and really enjoyed his set. The big 2-7 was obviously on Tuesday, and I was woken up by a flower delivery from my parents – not mad.

I scheduled an afternoon facial at this amazing little place in Beverly Hills called Skin Worship – birthday pampering is very real for me. Leslie is amazing and I learn SO much about skincare and the beauty industry from her… She is developing an amazing organic skincare line and I’ll def be sharing more details about it once it’s out! And not to mention brag, but she also takes care of Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie from Peace Loves Shea‘s moneymaking faces – I’m in epic girl crush company.

Once I got home from my facial, my girlfriend Christina dropped by with a gorgeous bouquet and the cutest gift – a Wildfox sleep mask.


My boyfriend was being really cryptic about dinner and didn’t tell me the place we were going, only that he’d be in a jacket and I’d need to get dressed up. He made me open my presents before leaving and (as one would guess, since he just gets me) his gifts were on point – the highlight being this UNICORN WINE HOLDER. Like, what?! Where does he find these things?!


Then we headed out on the drive to our mystery dinner. Once we got on the 10, he said we were going to the Penthouse in Santa Monica… The decor and ambience in there is dim and glam as fuck – kinda goth chic. We were seated in the corner with the best panoramic view of the city and water. Since it was my birthday, we obviously needed champée – I chose Moët.

After, we stopped at The Bungalow for a drink… my boyfriend has told me this is one of his “date spots” for girls he would take out (BEFORE ME, OBVIOUSLY) and we’d be meaning to go there, so finally I went! It’s also very aesthetically pleasing – laid back, indoor/outdoor beach chic vibes with heat lamps and areas to get cozy.

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday and was a great start to a hopefully amazing year. I ate too much dessert and drank too much champagne but it’s fine because *obviously* calories don’t count on your birthday. Also – I’m doing the Advocare 24 day challenge/cleanse for Coachella (aka starting soon), so there’s that… Operation rave bod is in full effect! Anyone want to join me?


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