Essential Oils You Can Eat (And Use With Makeup)

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#AskSCB: Okay so two things about oils. The first is if there is a specific brand of lavender essential oil that can be injected? For like a lavender lemonade recipe I wanna try for my migraines. And then the other question I have is do you know of a good essential oil or face oil to mix with foundation that won’t break me out?


For any recipe that calls for an essential oil, you’ll want to be sure and use food-grade oils – those that are therapeutic grade like Doterra are considered safe to ingest.

I’ve added lavender, peppermint, and a few others to drinks or teas I’ve made and they’re all amazing. I love doing peppermint tea with Flor-essence and two drops of peppermint oil for an extra bit of pep in the morning – it’s extremely potent to give you a mental/physical/emotional boost.

As far as foundations go, I’m not sure what you’d want to add to a foundation in the literal sense… It would change the consistency of it and make it oilier and I’m not sure that would be doing you any good. However, as a general compliment to a skincare routine – lavender is calming (though can be a bit drying) for the skin, and melaleuca/tea tree oil can help clear up blemishes. I’d use these separately on clean skin as a treatment than with your makeup, though.

One product I have tried and love that might satisfy your want for using an oil on your skin is Herbivore’s Lapis Balancing Facial Oil, which I use regularly and really really like. I have oily and combo skin so it helps to balance my skin out before I put on makeup – making primer work better, and my face look better and fresher for longer. Hope that helps!


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2 thoughts on “Essential Oils You Can Eat (And Use With Makeup)

  1. Orange oil is actually amazing for your skin, as well! it’s in the moisturizer and cleanser that I use, but I also use it on its own when my skin needs a little extra pep! It works to clear up scarring and stretch marks, as well!

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