REVIEW: Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Masks from The Body Shop

HELLOOOO, BEAUTIES!!! (Don’t mind the caps, it *is* Monday.)

I was sent these delicious vegetarian/vegan masks full of *~*~*SuPeRFooDS*~*~* from The Body Shop to try out and review, so let’s get down to #FaceMaskMonday business… and, FWIW, I have been wearing the charcoal mask for the majority of writing this post. Multitasking at it’s finest.

So, The Body Shop just released a new line of superfood face masks ($28 each). They all smell delicious, feel luxurious, and are made with top notch ingredients. They’re 100% vegetarian, plus the charcoal, rose, and acai masks are also 100% VEGAN.


I’m a big fan of the ginseng/rice and Himalayan charcoal GlamGlow-esque masks. I like the clarifying mask because I get little breakouts and congestion on my face from stress… I feel it helps to balance my skin out and helps keep it clear, even when my schedule is a hot mess.

I have sensitive, oily/combo skin so charcoal based cleansers and masks have been massively helpful in controlling my oil and shine. The Body Shop’s charcoal mask smells and feels very similar to GlamGlow (review here), complete with tightening and drying sensations. It has a strong fresh scent that I actually liked, and I could feel it activating on my skin — v invigorating, AND, major glow. Plus, it’s cheaper than GlamGlow!

PRO TIP: To save time and maximize your facial’s beautifying power, I’d recommend doing a 1-2 mask combo punch (more here) or using 2-3 on areas of your face needing specific treatment… I often use a charcoal mask on my T-zone area and a clarifying or exfoliating on my cheeks/jawline. For even more radiance, apply targeted masks and THEN put on a luxurious, hydrating one after. YASSSS, HONAYYYY, YASSSSS. YOU GLOW GIRL.


My FAVE of this line is the British Rose plumping mask.

You’ve probably seen me rave about the PTR rose mask in this review, and this one is slightly different, maybe even better. It smells amazing, and my skin felt like … rose petals … after I slathered on a thick layer and left it to settle in for 20 mins. I didn’t see as much “plumpness” (though I’m young, so maybe those with older skin may see a real boost) as much as intense hydration — without leaving behind any oily/greasy residue.

What I looove about these Body Shop masks is they’re a heavier consistency. Sometimes, masks feel like they’ll melt off my face and this doesn’t happen with TBS formulas – they feel great on your face and don’t melt. As someone who masks while working, writing, cleaning the house, WHATEVER — I need one with staying power.

PRO TIP #2: Invest in a mask BRUSH. Once I started getting regular facials, I realized my aesthetician used a brush to ensure even coverage… as well as being efficient with how much product you used. Since I started using a brush to apply my masks at home, I’ve gone through them MUCH slower. The Body Shop has a facial mask brush — I may have to buy it, as I got a cheapie from Amazon that isn’t holding up as well as I’d like. Dermalogica makes a nice fan facial brush, too.


The two masks that fell a little flat for me in this line were the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask and the Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask. I loved how my skin felt after the honey, but it didn’t work as well as the rose. I think this would be great for someone who has dry skin, to use on a regular basis.

What’s your all-time favorite facial mask? Do tell! Desperately seeking maskspiration and beautification.


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