Sloane on Listing, Overthinking, and Mad Men.

Hi, my name is Sloane, and I’m a chronic over-thinker. (Hi Sloane!) My brain constantly buzzes with thoughts, words, lipstick shades, nutrition facts and everything in between. I’m the girl in the yoga class that just cannot stop fidgeting. “Clear your mind,” is potentially the worst possible request you could ask of me. My brain runs in one mode: overdrive. Unlike the notches on my blow dryer, there is no in between. Earlier today, I was cleaning and chopping Brussels sprouts, (my new favorite veg, thanks N!) prepping them for dinner when suddenly I got super annoyed. Here I am, inspecting each and every tiny cabbage, pulling off the less than perfect leaves when a thought came to me: Why didn’t I just buy the prepped and cleaned ones?

I know, you were expecting something major. Like, which character on Mad Men am I? (Betty) Or, who thought boot cut jeans needed to be reborn again? (Kill me.) Maybe I like inflicting torture on myself. Or maybe I’m trying to prove to my parents that I can, in fact, budget like a “real human being.” I’m taking a stand! And that stand is being “practical” and not spending $7 on brussels sprouts. I saved 3 whole dollars and wasted 30 extra minutes. Hey momma and daddy, look at me.

Now, as my brain moves faster than my Amex at Bloomies, brussels sprouts obviously got me thinking… We all obsess about something: our hair, our clothes, our relationships, our friends, something, anything, and everything, really. But it’s what we do with it that counts. Obsessive tendencies can be helpful, or hurtful. They have the power to hold us back, or propel us forward. Personally, I chose to use mine for good vs. evil. Yes, I can count calories with my eyes closed. And I may not know my own credit card number, but you can bet your Cartier Love bracelet that I know my father’s backwards and forwards. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is this – I choose to channel my restlessness into productivity.

In order to do so, I enlist in the power of making lists. Lists are my inner peace. Got a thought? Write that shit down. I don’t care if it’s scribbled in the inside of your wrist in lip liner, or typed in a note on your iPhone. Write. It. Down. And then move forward. Move on with your life. Come back to it. This is how you do productivity, psychos. Fuck MyFitnessPal (unless it works for you). Put your overactive brain to work and see what you can ultimately achieve.

I, for one, am finally finishing my BA degree in political science with a minor in philosophy, and my GAWD is it rewarding! Of course I’m already trying to figure out what’s next, or where I go from here because it’s scary and it’s real. (But more of that to come, trust.) In this instance, let’s just focus on the here and now. For me, that’s obsessing over 70’s style high-waisted, super-flare jeans, Mad Men, and all things retro-chic. I’m having a moment… You know you love me.


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