How To Use Crystals With Plants

#AskSCB: I recently moved and my plant babies are having trouble acclimating to the new space. I remember you were using crystals in your plants back at the loft and they looked amazing! What kind of crystals were you using? Do you use different types depending on the plant?


I feel you. I bent my huge rubber ficus plant/tree thing while putting it in my car to drive it down and was scared I broke and killed an entire branch (BUT, it’s fine). I thought it would be nice to put my succulent outside for some sun after it lived in partial daylight and only the breeze of AC for months – it almost died on the spot, and is still in critical condition… Plants can be finicky little fuckers sometimes.

I always have crystals in all my orchids and plants – I stumbled on an article talking about it a few years ago and have been doing so ever since… It really makes a difference. I just use moss agate and clear quartz. I’ll put one of each in the base of my plants, unless it’s a big one – then maybe two.

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Moss agate helps to strengthen the plant and will help revive it from being depressed from moving, going a few too many days without water, etc. Clear quartz is a healer and amplifier that helps plants or flowers to grow faster, stronger, bloom longer, and be more vibrant… Generally, all green stones are beneficial for plants. Here are a few you can check out to help your plant fam:

  • Moss agate promotes grounding, connection to nature, and helps bring out your green thumb while bringing vitality to your plant and increasing its overall health.
  • Green calcite will help soothe anxious or stressed plants!
  • Clear quartz is the “master healer” stone. It will promote vitality and power up any other stones placed with it, amplifying it.
  • Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes a garden. (read more)
  • If plants seem stressed, place amethyst or a blue stone at their base for the calming properties.

crystals 1

Using crystals really helped my plants to go from pretty and blooming to vibrant and thriving – hope they do the same for yours. Ps. Don’t forget to set your crystals out during the next full moon to be cleansed and charged!


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4 thoughts on “How To Use Crystals With Plants

  1. when you say “the base” of the plant… where is that exactly? like where the plant meets the soil? or like all the way at the bottom under all the soil? thanks!!

    1. Yes! When I refer to the base in this it just means where the base of the plant meets the soil. You can just drop them in at the top, no need to bury especially since most plants or flowers come planted or potted. I find they grow stronger in the area where the crystals are so rotate them every few weeks, as well as the plant itself for balanced sun exposure and growth :) xx

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