“we need a tv show.” (shopping part 2)

So I know earlier in the week I showed off some of what I got shopping last weekend, but I didn’t talk about the various sweatshirts I acquired on this outing… I’ll get right down to the dopeness.

Hate the Seahawks? You’re tacky and I hate you.


Duh. This one is from Throwbacks NW, a suuuper dope store you might walk by if you weren’t in the know to know what’s good there. If you’re a male and a fan of fresh and vintage athletic wear, this is one of the places you shop at here in Seattle.

She loves me, she loves me not…


Of course I need a cropped sweatshirt that screams “chic and overpriced hippie of 2014” from Urban Outfitters. I actually am about that life, so I can pull it off. It works, just love it.

Just lay on the bed and play dead, baby.


Meow. From my new friends over at Urbanity, which is now in Bellevue… For the record is across a lake and NOT part of real Seattle. It’s a good thing, though, because this store turns over all the edgier pieces and carries the lines I love and I am not a kajillionaire yet so I can’t buy everything I want there. For women, they carry all the lines I love, like Karssen – had to get this phenomenal graphic sweatshirt. It’s just so outrageous and perfect! I also picked up another sweatshirt that’s part tie dye and burnt out and I don’t know where I lost it already so this is what you get as my condolences until I find it.

????/??^_^*~*&@&#*++=+=”>.<:: *~*~*???



wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-01-25-19.49.08.jpg.jpgI should probably debut these tonight, hmmMMMm. Thinking of my fit as I write this…

xx SCB

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