Ask SCB: Where Have I Been?

I’ve been so busy IRL the last few months that I haven’t felt like I’ve had any free time to just sit down and write. It felt like all I was doing was getting ready for trip after trip, constantly doing a million things at once. I’m not complaining, but being an full-time adventure queen takes a lot of work. It’s surprisingly hard to pack up your work and wardrobe – aka my entire life – to essentially move to a new city for a few weeks! I’ve now had a minute to breathe (and a facial) since returning from the desert for Coachella… and now have the time to talk about all the latest and greatest happenings in my life.

First of all, I got my hair did on Saturday. I haven’t had to dye it since NYE, which is amazing… I think the secret is to maintaining the vibrant color is washing in really cold water. Like, as cold as you can stand and then a little colder, cold water.

I just got signed up to start Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential‘s new Bombshell Body Plan! It looks amazing and you get to be a part of the whole Skinny Confidential lifestyle community, it’s amazing. Love her.

More on the TSC Bombshell Body Guide here. I’ll be sharing my experience/results plus all the blood, sweat, and tears in between, so get ready. I mean, it is festival season… Obviously I want to look good, so this is a rad way to get me to schedule time for workouts and stay motivated to eat clean.

Speaking of schedules, being out of town so much (literally half of the last three months) forced me to rethink how I run my blog… so there are some changes on the way. I’m excited. Lots of new content and I’m trying to push out all the “old” that people might be waiting on so keep an eye out over the next few weeks!

Other relevant news: I kicked off my #FuckFastFashion series on Fashion Revolution Day, (read here) AND May is Mental Health Awareness month, so I’m going to dive into the Psychos series I’ve been talking about and brainstorming forever. I’m also recomitting to Youtube after I had so much fun vlogging one of the days at Coachella… Subscribe to my channel for all the new betchisodes.

PS. Did you read the guest post I wrote for Benefit Cosmetics, The Fabulous Escape Plan with StoneColdBetch? It was a such a fun piece of work and I had a total fangirl moment to see myself over there, not gonna lie… and if you haven’t seen the new Neoneutral collection from NARS yet, check it out. I just got the Violet Atom multiple too… Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m hopelessly addicted to makeup. It’s fine.

coachella ferris wheel stonecoldbetch

Depending on how hard I struggle editing my Coachella video diary in Premiere (any tips, videographers???), my recap will hopefully be out this week. I went both weekends this year, meaning I’m a “double weekender desert warrior,” which is basically a festival badge of honor.

Between weekends, I had the opportunity to do some awesome work – I filmed an interview with Samsung and talked about my work, the blog, my festival experience the first weekend and all their new phones – talk about a nerd dream coming true. Of course, I talked about the first weekend fashion too… Basically I was the Samsung fashion blogger of Coachella. Stay tuned! I’ll definitely share the info for where to watch when that comes out.

Two of my friends work for the Do LaB so we got hooked up with backstage bands the second weekend, which was amaaazing. This is arguably the best stage of all Coachella (I consider Yuma more of a dance floor so it doesn’t count) and this year Big Fish was a cool, shady sanctuary of great music.

thomas jack coachella stonecoldbetch

Surprise set from Thomas Jack, Weekend 2.

My next adventure is another Do LaB production – Lightning in A Bottle. It’s over Memorial Day weekend so I’m going to spend a few days the week prior in San Francisco to work and see some old friends… I’ll also be meeting all the Babes of Benefit!! Then it’s off to the desert where I’ll turn my phone off and camp and dance in the middle of nowhere for four days. Glorious.

Are you tired just thinking about my life yet? Same. Like I was saying, life as a professional music gypsy is hard. Another plot twist: I’m driving to LA after LiB, where I’ll spend a couple days recovering on the beach before heading off to Montreal for Mutek the final week of May. Then I’ll be home briefly at the beginning of June before flying back down to California for Splash House… I haven’t been before, so this will be a fun trip.

Sooo, I think that’s everything. Long story short/long: I’ve been really busy, but life has been great – no complaints here. I have a ton of projects in the works that I’ve put a lot of time and effort into and seriouslyyy appreciate everyone’s patience while I go psycho making it all perfect.

For daily updates and all my drama, follow me over on on Twitter and Instagram.


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