SCB IRL: Epic Life Update!!!

Life is just one big trip, and I’m finallyyy home after an insane(ly) amazing adventure. This one was all about music festivals: two weeks on the road, making four stops and hitting two countries with just two suitcases (one complete with tent and camping gear). From Lightning in a Bottle in California to Mutek in Montreal, I’ve been offline and all over the place IRL. Now that I’m back at home (aka my office) for a few days, I have TONS OF EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE/WORK TO DO/STORIES TO TELL. Let’s get started…

My trip began with a quick stop in San Francisco – I met with Benefit for brunch and also let them do my brows and tint my lashes. Can I just say how amazing it was? They hooked me up with some amazeballs new stuff and just saying but Gimme Brow is 100% my new favorite product. I also got to hang out with one of my best friends from middle school, which was so much fun and it felt like no time had passed between us, though really it’s been like 10 years… It’s so lucky when you have friends like that.

After a day in SF, me and my rental car were off on a 3 hour cruise to spend Memorial Day weekend in the the desert at the music festival Lightning in a Bottle. Last year was my first LiB and this year I was returning with press creds, which made me realize how much I’ve accomplished with my work in a short time – it really put things in perspective.

This year was nothing short of exceptional and I couldn’t possibly capture everything in a single post. I’m making a LiB recap series so I can create a bunch of tangible, digital memories to share my experience, bring Lightning OUT of the Bottle, and hopefully do the festival’s experience justice. Here’s a little preview…

I Left My Heart At LiB: A Mini-Photo Diary.

IMG_3906 You would, too.


lightning in a bottle stonecoldbetch woogie pano

lightning in a bottle stonecoldbetch photos cam-3

IMG_8570I filmed a vlog that’s in edits and will be posted soon on my YouTube channel… Subscribe and you’ll get it sent to you as soon as it is! This just went up today – all my footage of John Digweed’s set from the Woogie on Sunday… It was stellar.

After a wonderful weekend of being blissfully disconnected in the desert, I had to face reality and return to civilization. I drove straight out of camp and into LA (specifically, my best friend’s apartment to take the most #blessed shower ever). We headed out to a Justin Jay pool party that afternoon though, so I can’t really complain.

justin jay pool party

Finally, on Tuesday I reunited with Disco Shark Prince (!!!) from Coachella, who turned out to be more than just a fuckboy from the dance floor… I KNOW, RIGHT?! He was at Movement in Detroit over MDW, and on Wednesday we hopped on a flight to spend 5 days dancing off our post-festival depression in Montreal.


As far as music goes, the best part was when we went to Stereo at 5am for Victor Calderone. We caught sets from three different festivals all going on across the city: Mutek, OFFTA, and Piknic. Our getaway ended on Monday and the rest is history because I’ve been back at work since then, aka why you’re reading this post… and if you’re wondering who this mysterious lad is by now, don’t worry – highlights from our trip and the story of disco shark prince is obviously coming soon to a screen near you.


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