Let’s Talk About Functional Festival Fashion.

The first weekend of Coachella is over, but my trip to the desert is not… I’ll be down here all week working (and tanning by the pool) before returning next weekend – and there might be a trip to LA in my future, too… Stay tuned. ;)

Coachella might as well be called Fashionchella this year, as I felt it was overflowing with fashion bloggers or wannabes just hoping to be seen the first weekend this year, with no shortage of fringe kimonos or flower crowns. My question is, how much music did these people see, being so busy trying to get their their photos taken by the beer garden and all??? I happen to go to music festivals to hear live music and dance, but whatever floats your boat.

The weather this weekend was in the 90’s – strategically styling yourself is the key to staying cool and looking fresh all day. Here are my outfit details plus some practical inspo and advice to get your festival season kicked off on the right foot, literally. I’m calling my style “functional festival fashion.”

PRO TIP: I mean functional when I say it. There is nothing worse than wearing something uncomfortable, too hot that can’t breathe, or the wrong shoes to an all day festival in the desert. Shorts, Flowy skirts, crop tops, scarves for the dust and to wear as a shawl at night, sunnies, and you’re set.

Yes, I know that seems boring and plain and it’s not what people who “are at Coachella” on Instagram are wearing, BUT THEY’RE ON INSTAGRAM AT COACHELLA – that’s not really getting into the festival. There is this amazing thing called accessories – use those to jazz your outfits up instead and save yourself the wardrobe or shoe torture later. Ps. Your makeup will melt off in an hour flat so don’t bother wearing much.

So, here’s how I styled my functional festival fashion strategy – hope it helps give you some inspo and ideas about what to wear (or not wear) and bring!

Day One: Eye’m Watching You


Day Two: Vintage Levi’s & Tie Dye


Speaking of tryhard Fashionchella attendees, as luck would have it two of my girlfriends and I were stopped by a photographer to get our picture. After being snapped we were told it was for cosmopolitan.com, so look for us over there… Lol. Here are my fit details for this day:

Day Three: Crystals & Crop Tops


The crystal pendant necklace I’m wearing is custom made by Natalia Benson, who I met at Lightning in a Bottle last year… What’s amazing about this little coincidence (are they ever really?) is that she has since been focusing on her DJ career – and is on the bill to play the Do LaB stage next weekend as WHITEHORSE! Check out this post to see more of her jewelry.

I had a ton of people compliment the purple Rebecca Minkoff ‘Cupid’ bag I carried all weekend, which was an absolute lifesaver. It is CRITICAL to find a bag that’s big enough to carry all of the stuff you’ll need to be out all day, but comfortable to wear and not a burden to keep with you.

I bought this bag years ago and have gotten SO much practical use out of it. Besides that it is vibrant purple and matches my hair, I had everything I could possibly need in there – water bottles, sunnies, festival schedule, business cards, phone and charger, a scarf/sweater for the night – you need it, I probably have it. I call it my Mary Poppins bag because it has compartments to store everything one might possibly need. Phenomenal investment.


PRO TIP: At pretty much any music festival, you’re going to be walking. A lot. Wear trusty boots that are COMFORTABLE to run, stomp, and dance around in all day (these were black once). At one like Coachella, wearing sandals or open toed shoes is something you could do, but your feet will be black from the dust by day’s end. I brought two pairs of boots to alternate, but ended up wearing the black studded pair from Dolce Vita every day. I also brought my stone/taupe pair of Steve Madden Troopa boots, which are a longtime favorite of mine to wear for events like this.

Make sure you’re following my Instagram to keep up with my shenanigans next weekend, as reception sucks out here so it’s all I can manage in real-time. I’m *still* trying to get caught back up with life since being in Austin for two weeks at SXSW and then turning right around to come here for a few weeks! If you have a specific festival related styling/packing/whatever question, leave it in a comment and I’ll make sure to cover it in an upcoming post.


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