UPDATE: Queen Chic Chez Moi.

i bought the namaste bungalow (official name, it means no bullshit allowed) just over a year ago, and it’s *nearly* up to my psycho style standards, aka finished. i was so busy with work when i first moved in that i didn’t really have the energy to think about finishing the extra rooms in my house… it is almost three times the size of the tiny apartment with the infinity view i lived in for years previous. since the fall, i’ve been able to spend more time at home and figured out how to best make it a beautiful and functional space. as a digital consultant, i have great flexibility and mobility with my job, and i wanted to take advantage of that and maximize my floor plans for work and play.


breakfast nook turned work lookout. my office is pretty vibrant and intense, so it’s nice to have a super light and airy spot to work from. my next major kitchen investment will be a semi-automatic espresso machine because i need caffeine 24/7, and starSUCKS.




this will all come together to be my “formal” sitting area… i’m still waiting on this chair from z gallerie, called “the cuddler” to be finished as i wanted one of non-stock material options. it will be going across from my fireplace and that beautiful oliver gal print and it’s so amazing. i absolutely adore my built-ins and have displayed all of the bottles from my 21st birthday wine tasting in there plus a bunch of old print mags – upcycle them and display them as a way to decorate! can’t wait to get this chair in and have that spot finished because i think it’s going to turn out perfecto.



my dining room is basically finished, i have more stuff to add into this skinny little cocktail table, but when i took this about a week ago, it was the first day i got this furniture in (my parents moved a few months ago and gave me some of what they weren’t going to keep – SO lucky). all of the glassware is old school vintage – from golf tournaments in the early ’80’s… the beer mugs are definitely the coolest. the cooler is another epic gift from my parental units, and i finally hung that sign and so now my wine bar is open for business.


oliver gal 2

the top photo is a current picture of my guest bedroom, and i jumped on this oliver gal duvet on one of those flash sale sites last week. as much as i love the french countryside vibe, i totally white girled over getting those lips on my bed and died, so i bought it.

life is beautiful banksy

always hope banksy

speaking of flash sale sites, banksy prints were on one last week as well. i ordered these two and one more that i can’t find the proper photo of, so i’ll share once they’re here. i’ve really started to look into getting more art to adorn my walls as i love the unique perspective every artist has, and it’s inspiring for me to be surrounded by the creative work of others. i’m not sure where i’m going to put these yet, but they’re a good reason to think about redoing my office. hope this gave you some decoration inspiration or at least some motivation to clean up your room. happy cinco de drinko!


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Queen Chic Chez Moi.

    1. I absolutely love everything you guys do. I have quite the Oliver Gal collection in my home, I’m planning an update soon that will feature more! xx

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