Ask SCB: How Do I Brow Powder?

fact: eyebrows fully amp up your fierce factor, also i fucking love alliteration which that kind of was. moving on – a brow powder demo has been on my to do list for too long so finally i am going to break it down for us all. bisous to my socialista soulmate jenny for lending her expert opinion in recommending anastasia’s dual sided brush #12 and their brow powder duo, they’re both phenomenal and now i’m obsessed with doing my brows this way. i love a brow pencil for it’s convenience and quickness – but it’s doesn’t give you the same natural but sharp definition that i found powder does.


using this is actually really easy. my hunch was that brow powder would be the best for those with thin/sparse brows, or if you are trying to grow a bit out that needs some intense yet natural coverage. it’s great if you have thick brows too because it gives really natural definition to your brow line, which makes them stand out and look even better.

first: let’s discuss the brush. it’s really flexible and easy to work with, but firm and solid to dab color into actual sparse spaces – you can see in the naked brow picture in the below picture (left) that even my brows are thin in places – i just dip into the dark brown and carefully fill those in, then flip the brush around and blend it in until everything looks natural and my brows just look even and full. i then drew a soft line on each “side” (top/bottom lines) of my brow to set them and see where exactly i still needed to fill them in – with the lighter powder, the “body” color that i used here.

after i defined the “frame,” i went back with the lighter of the duo (i’m using medium brown) and filled through them to give better depth. i think that’s what helped to achieve this intense but natural look – because the brush deposits the powder (read: color) so specifically, you really just need the darker of the two to set your top and bottom arch lines – just like you might for a lip liner and lipstick.

make sense? i worked with the angled side of the brush when i was lining the outside of my brows with the darker shade, just trying to draw a soft frame around the outer lines of my brow and define it really well. when i dabbed into the lighter shade to fill in, i worked against the grain of both my brows and the brush to make sure everything was blended and even. then i used the spooly end to make sure everything was set and blended and good to go – powder also has great staying power.

on my eyes: my narsisst shadow palette. i used two of the neutral shades on my lids and the pearlier color to just barely highlight below my brows as i wanted to leave my face as bare as possible for brow contrast. i reviewed the palette in this smoky eye demo post, and i’ve started using it much more for day looks because i love the variety of neutrals (believe me, that’s a real thing i care about with eyeshadow) in there – you’ll see in the photo that i paired a strong brow with a fairly “neutral” but sassy sexy smoky eye.

verdict: brow powder gives you a soft polish rather than a harsh arch. it’s also pretty forgiving if you make a mistake, so this is definitely a method to try if you’re a beginner or don’t really enjoy drawing with a pencil on your face. it’s simple, subtle and sophisticated – the process of applying definitely takes longer than other methods, but i really do like the look it achieves. i would def suggest trying a powder if you want a subtle touch for a natural look with the option to amp up intensity.


product deets: anastasia brow powder // anastasia brush // nars eyeshadow palette // c+i statement necklace

what are your experiences with brow powder? please share below. feedback is my favorite – it’s also essential to help me help you via scb’s variety of features, reviews, and tutorials.

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