queen chic: namaste bungalow mini-tour

My little house is finally feeling like a home and now I’m jetting out of the country for the weekend! Relevant little life update: I decided earlier this week pretty much on a whim to head out to Digital Dreams in Toronto – casual. But, we all know I live for an adventure and what would that be if not for leaving the country to meet up with two internet friends and hit a new festival? Look at the lineup, it’s worth getting your shit together for. So, despite all the insanity and white girl problems // prep that goes into these weekends, I’ve been finishing the namaste bungalow (catch up with the last queen chic post). Call me Superwoman, it’s fine.

I’m leaving on Friday and I’ll be back Monday assuming I make it out in one piece… I’m pretty sure most of the world is celebrating life at a festie this coming weekend? I know I personally debated getting a ticket to Electric Forest earlier this year, and am skipping Paradiso in favor of DD – I’m sure there’s more. Festival season is wonderful because there’s always something.

I’ll post the deets and where to buys, etc.for the stuff pictured below in a post when I get back. Leave me a comment if you want to know where I got a specific piece so I can make sure to know to include it. ALSO, I planted my backyard and garden which is about to be wonderful… I’m so hippie chic sometimes, it hurts.Ps. I have full Pinterest boards to peruse if you want to get a more in depth look at some of my inspo! Enjoy.


queen’s quarters.


stone cold office.

chic misc


coming soon…


8 thoughts on “queen chic: namaste bungalow mini-tour

  1. Everything is so perfect! Mind me asking what app (if it is an app?) you use for the big clock screen on your iMac? And where did you get that gorgeous round sofa chair?

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