show review: the glitch mob at the market

First of all, I thought The Glitch Mob was playing at Showbox SoDo, but it was actually at the Market which is mine and probably anyone else’s favorite venue in the city of Seattle. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from this tour and after listening/seeing the videos from their latest album, I knew it would be a show to see. Besides the true live element, the attention to detail and production, the intensity and passion you hear in their music, live onstage… I feel like what we saw last night is becoming a rare experience, especially with all the hype with “edm” shows these days. I’ll admit that I don’t often listen to this kind of music anymore, but I absolutely loved this performance. I have mad respect for how these guys do what they do, and their integrity and loyalty to executing it is really impressive.

Our Demons is my fave off their new album, and the lyrics are pretty poignant with this one. TGM actually followed me once I tweeted them with the lyrics while watching the video after this dropped, and that’s my internet to real life story with them.

fave: fortune days.

Seeing this live after  all of the teasers and pictures from Twitter, you understand the mind behind the Mob. Bravo and big thanks to these three for reminding the community at large, the art of a proper live show.


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