All of my internet lovers and friends, I survived my birthday. It didn’t come without a proper adult hangover, but it was worth it. 25 has been excellent so far, and I’m beyond excited for what the year has in store for me…

I’m finishing a couple of bigger beauty posts, hopefully ready to go for this week and have some other surprises up my sleeve/in my makeup bag, so I just wanted to share some of the celebrations and give an update on what’s in store! Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted me or commented me somewhere on the internet wishing me a happy birthday, it was really a wonderful weekend. :)

scb adventures: festival season.

LIB lineup

I know I’ve already posted about getting AMPED for Coachella, but I have also recently added Lightning in a Bottle and Osheaga, a festival in Montreal to my adventure plans for the spring/summer. Check out the Osheaga lineup – it’s in August so everyone has plenty of time to plan for this and come with me!!

birthday festivities.

I had SO much fun for my birthday! A bunch of my girlfriends came over before we went out and started everything off right – don’t forget how I made my dad buy us all nice champagne. My favorite Q Nightclub is always off the walls on Saturday nights, so I just power posed my way in and all through the night, at least what I remember. I was bought four shots in rapid succession as soon as I walked in, if that’s any indication of my white girl wasted… I know I had fun though. DUH.


You know you’re going to be white girl wasted when the beginning of your night looks like this…

Let me count the ways: requested beers, as in, “but what I would SERIOUSLY appreciate you buying for me right now, is a fucking Stella, to cleanse my palate before I take 87 different shots every five seconds.” so that’s how you know I have good friends… Handed off a bottle of champagne someone bought me (though I clearly had multiple through the night because there is stalkerazzi photos of me holding one while dancing)… Made about 500 random new friends because you know I was strutting around screaming it was my birthday… Probably photobombed every picture I could… But it was my birthday, so I’m excused because the rules don’t apply. I DO WHAT I WANT!

I loved this outfit that I put together. Super comfy to be wearing around and still looked sleek and kept me from pulling a Britney, which was my goal. The shorts are the same ones I posted on Twitter a few weeks ago and have been waiting to wear, from a RueLaLa sale. I paired it with a basic black cropped tee and just a leather… I whipped out a SUPER old pair of BCBG heels, which used to be my favorite, because I knew that I could wear them forever. I was going to wear the Blonde Salad leopard heels, but this just felt better. The bitchstick is Candy Yum Yum, a newer one from MAC that I’m obsessed with – definitely one of my spring faves.

sunday funday.

I was napping most of my day away, but last night we went and checked out Stwo, who was wrapping up his American tour at BARBOZA, a pretty cool (smaller) venue here in Seattle. Turned out to be the best life call, because his set was amazingggg and he personally is a super cool guy – he actually ended up coming back to my house to kick it for a little while after so that was lowkey mad fun. And someone after the show tweeted me saying they saw me, which is something I haven’t had happen yet, so that was a weird moment of semi-cool. IRL FAME YOU GUYS!! Kidding. Not.

coming soon.

I have a smorgasboard of beauty posts, mixed with some life and diet, queen chic and style all for this week. You can expect my review and some additional fun I had with the NARSissist eyeshadow palette, some professional chic details and style ideas, and more… The bitchstick is becoming a daily look on my Instagram, so if you’re a lipstick fiend like myself, you better be following me. I also went to a home decor store to shop for my house on Friday… Basically died and went to heaven, so I will definitely be sharing my plans and progress with that since I know a lot of people have requested more pictures and ideas of how to decorate – more to come. Also on the schedule is figuring out my how to brow with brow powder tutorial, I’m trying to see how feasible I can make that a video because I think it would be the easiest and most effective way for me to break that down for everyone. So, get excited, and now that Monday is almost over, I’m going to stop typing and just leave these here.

xx SCB

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