scb’s guide to spring style.

a few nice days in the city have me ready to never wear another winter coat or beanie again – i want to be in the fresh, fun items I’ve been piecing together for my spring wardrobe, not more layers to combat winter cold. thinking warmer thoughts, i’ve rounded up a collection of trends i think you’ll want to know and start looking out for as the days get longer and the work lunches get drunker.

trending: spring 2014.

a collection of themes from the runway that are bound to show up in lines, and are also listed through the articles from other sites that I’ve linked below: pastels and florals -groundbreaking! more intentional crop tops and graphic/geometric prints on tees/tops/everywhere… a clear resurgence of 90’s culture with the iridescent and shiny theme on runways and street style/fashion bloggers with the overalls and mom jeans. skirts of all lengths are everywhere – full, midi, tartan, tea length, slit, you name it. i love how much of the effortless sporty look is present right now, the lines and fit and feel is one of my favorite. i have an awesome navy/black bomber jacket that is about to get a lot of wear once the weather stays a little on the warmer end! click any picture below for the featured blogger’s post details.

from the internet.

no love for overalls.

www overalls

the one look i’ve seen a lot recently and feel inclined to comment on is overalls. while i think it looks great on people with the right frame to pull it off – Danielle from WWW is known for wearing them, if they’re not done perfectly like that, they look terrible. she makes me want to wear them, but my build is NOT appropriate for them. this is one of those styles that just may not be possible for you (if you’re anything like me). however, if they fit well and you style them right, they’ll look great. just go buying overalls if they’re not flattering for you just because people are doing it… trying too hard is NEVER a good look.

incorporating trends to your style.

one way i would imagine trying out a very “trendy” look this spring? high waisted, wide legged pants with a tucked in graphic tee (a geometric or fun printed blouse, perhaps for work), sport style jacket or a cropped leather, and statement necklace. i also really want to try out skirts at different lengths, i’ve been drooling over a few and feel ready to test out this new look. looking forward for the weather cooperating so we have the chance to style on in the sun!

xx SCB

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