basique: the art of work chic.

ask scb: how do i professional chic? (pt. 1)

Similar to what I wrote about being my airporting style last week, my “professional chic” uniform is very basic in style and pieces, and interesting and detailed with accessory and jewelry choices. I like basics and staples that are quality, but affordable and there’s enough of a style selection to find pieces that work the best for you. I like higher waisted, straight or skinny leg pants/jeans/slacks – this would definitely be a piece to splurge on and make sure fit you really well, that they’re flattering and you feel good in them – with detail and variety up top… And don’t forget the shoes.

Here’s what I think you can cheat and save on, for when you’re trying to dress and elevate your style without breaking your bank (because no one pays us enough, let’s be honest): tops and blouses. I will get multiple uses or wears out of a top because of the style I buy and how I dress it up. I like blouses that are printed or have special detailing, or to wear basics like the one I’ve styled as an exaple below to add my own details and style on. I love wearing scarves, and have a million that I can throw over a top like below. The same goes for necklaces – these are all work friendly base combinations and ideas that can easily be built up or left for a more casual look. I chose this basic white as most people have one similar and it’s super easy to work with to layer on as much of your “personal” style as you like. You can see the versatility below… It’s like a grown up, basic white tee, which I love.

basique: basic professional chic.





What you save in a lower end top (this one is a Zara Basic, so that should be self-explanatory) you can spend on more jewelry, scarves and other ways to add your own unique twist on what is a generally basic work look, and add other staple items to easily transition from day to night, like a good leather jacket… Mine is Mackage for Aritzia.

ca$hmere sweaters = love.


I think it’s worthwhile to spend on sweaters, especially a solid cashmere – I’m an obvious fan of Skull Cashmere and a long, longtime loyal devotee to Vince. I find a lot of sweaters and blouses I like when I’m just casually shopping around at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, the one pictured from Zara is a good find, though I find the quality and fit of their stuff is really inconsistent. Other online destinations: Singer 22, Shopbop, Rue La La, and Hautelook are all solid sites if you want to conduct an online shopping search.


I get daily inspiration and ideas from the feeds of these lovely fashion bloggers. I think they define what it means to be an actual fashion blogger and are truly inspired, not a collection of other styles – like mine. Though my style is very much my own, I often get styling ideas or inspired for a way to hunt down and reimagine a piece I saw on their site for my own wardrobe. They are vintage queens, which led me on my recent excursion to all the best down and around Palm Springs when I was on vacation last week – O M G did I make some finds. My top girl crushes of the Instagram/fashion blogger space are: Shea from Peace Loves Shea, Danielle from We Wore WhatChiara of The Blonde Salad, and Blair from Atlanta-Pacific is phenomenal as well.

I hope this helps to inspire you to be stone cold in your professional chic style choices. More to come in detail, specifically a handbag post is in the works, and spring/summer trends and how to incorporate them… in actual life. Leave a comment or tweet me if you have specific questions or requests for a style post!

xx SCB

3 thoughts on “basique: the art of work chic.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your blog post! I love buying basic blouses and accessorizing them with statement jewelry or a scarf. I especially love your choice in blouses from Zara, as shown in this post. Your style is fabulous! Xo

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