Ask SCB: What Are Some Easy, Healthy Recipes?

If you don’t know, now you know… I also created and currently (have been slacking) manage the Twitter account @CrossfitProblms. I wanted to share the blogs of two ladies I met – one in real life since – who both focus on health and diet, sharing recipes and their personal adventures like me. I’ve had a lot of people request more health/diet posts from me since my first ask post, and while I am working to create some that I think are badass, I’m not a born chef. If you want food, and to do your own learning about getting healthier and focus on your nutrition, you can start here and then use their sites to explore even more. Most of the actual recipes to use are paleo as that’s what the Crossfit “lifestyle” tends to preach, but you can add or adapt to your personal dietary needs and preferences. These ladies are amazing, and awesome resources if you’re looking to learn more or just be inspired by what they’ve literally cooked up. I will highlight my faves from each site in a later post – I’m already drooling. Enjoy!

Stupid Easy Paleo.

Apparently this is one of the most popular dishes, and I’m not even surprised. Anyway, Steph runs a GREAT site with lots of resources available if you’re at all overwhelmed by the idea of healthifying your diet. I got to meet her at the Crossfit Games a few years back, she’s awesome and totally inspiring. Also, that looks delicious and I need to make it.


I have a huge girl crush on Juli. Watch a cooking video, you’ll see why. She writes in a really friendly way and shares odd tidbits about her life as I do, so she’ll be equally as entertaining to keep up with. This protein pancake post is legit easy, and hysterical. Both of these ladies are super down to earth, knowledgeable, inspiring, but best of all approachable.

book of the cook variety.

If you want something tangible, one of my favorite cookbooks to use and adapt a lot of my thrown together recipes from, is Gourmet Nutrition – you can read more on their site. They call it “the cookbook for the fit food lover” and it drills down into each recipe’s nutritional info per portion size, which is awesome. I weighed my food for probably at least a year, so I had basic nutrition counts down, but it’s really nice to start being able to put together complete meals when you see the breakdown in there with the variety of recipes. You can get it here.

PS. Abs are made in the kitchen, but if anyone makes those PaleOMG cookies, please send me one through Twitter. Also, follow my awesome (food boards on) Pinterest.

xx SCB

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