Ask SCB: What’s The Gratitude Journal You’re Always Posting on Snapchat?

HI GUYS! Hope everyone’s Monday is grooving along.

A bunch of you have been asking me about the journal I regularly post peeks of on Snapchat – what it is, where can you get it, etc. I have been using mine for almost 6 months and love it.


It’s called the Five Minute Journal and, as one would expect, it literally only takes 5 minutes in the morning and night. Though it took some getting used to to create a habit of remembering to fill it in, since it is such an easy thing to do there’s really no excuse for NOT taking the time to do it.


I usually post the inspirational quotes on the top of each journal page on Snapchat in the morning when I’m filling it in. The AM section consists of a short gratitude list, an action items list that would “make today great,” and a daily affirmation. The PM section is quick: 3 awesome things that happened in your day, and one thing you could have improved upon or done better.

All in all, I think this is a fun, effective, and lowkey tool to keep track of your day to day life, mood, aspirations, and more. After using it for a few months I’ve found that I focus more on the positive and have a more flexible perspective and mindset when dealing with shit I don’t like/want to do or that is uncomfortable or difficult.

If you like to journal, use affirmations, want to improve your mindset, get in the habit of looking at the brighter side of life or WHATEVER – I would highly recommend this journal. It’s super easy to keep up with and looking back at past entries when I’m struggling on any given day, to see how far I have come in such a short time, is inspiring, empowering, and motivating to keep moving forward.

I’ve kept a diary since I was little so I love journaling in all forms, though lately I’ve been really into the guided, interactive workbooks like the 5 Minute Journal – another fave I’m working on is The Desire Map. Do any of you journal – either independently, or using a guided tool like this book? I would love to hear if you do, and how you do it! Talk to me in the comments.


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