Let’s Talk About Dry Shampoo.


I’ve been using the Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo Spray for nearly a year now – I stole a bottle from my sister last spring (and then tried a different kind, big mistake). I immediately restocked myself with 3 bottles of Detox. I really like their dry shampoo for two main reasons…

  1. It smells good. If you’re using dry shampoo, not only do you want excess oil to be soaked up from your head but you want your hair to get a scentsual kind of refresh, you know? I hate dry shampoos that smell like baby powder or something really old – I don’t want that to be on my head. I want something clean and fresh, which is what you get from this.
  2. It is legit. It seriously works. HOWEVER, since it is basically a white powder, as a brunette it takes a careful hand to not overdo it as I spray down my hair… The formula is like this fine chalk that is really absorbent and while it is white in your locks at first, as it sinks in it blends in too. If you have dark hair and are afraid of turning your roots gray – don’t worry. The chalky color gets soaked up. If it doesn’t – you’ve used too much and that’s a lesson for next time. Basically, how much you should use is proportional to the amount of grease in your hair. Once it’s all soaked up you look like you have fresh bedhead. AND, it smells good! I’m a sucker for basically anything that tickles my sense of smell.

Someone on Twitter asked if the Drybar dry shampoo for brunettes was any good, which piqued my interest as I have never tried it but really like how the original works for me. I mean, it sounds great! Now I won’t have to worry about the awkward wait time while my dry shampoo sinks into my hair – just like when you wait for foundation to sink into my skin so it looks natural, you know?


Word on the street is that this brunette dry shampoo stains your hands as you may touch your hair through the day. I felt like this was worth writing a post about because I do love the original but wanted to share a friend’s review of the brunette spray so I could warn you guys to stay away… My girlfriend Kelly has the spray for brunettes and said it transferred from her hair and the color wore off onto her hands, staining them as the day went on. Do you want your palms to look like that little shit emoji? NO THANK YOU.

Bottom line: don’t be fooled into buying the gimmick-y brunette spray, even if you have dark hair! The original blends in as it soaks up your excess grease – be careful about how much you spray on and it should suit any hair color just fine.

What’s YOUR tried and true dry shampoo? I would love to know what you guys use – comment me with your faves so I can try them too!


12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Dry Shampoo.

  1. My stylist just gave me a bottle of Wella Dry Me dry shampoo and I am in loveee! I have thick, curly, dark brown hair and this stuff definitely works and smells amazing! Also I sometimes have the problem with my roots going a bit grey, so recently I’ve been spraying it in pretty heavily the night before and sleeping on it! Love doing it that way!

    1. YES! Someone else commented about Batiste too and I know I’ve tried my friends – I thought they had diff scents! What’s your fave? I neeeeeed to try this out for my life. x

      1. They actually have a new scent (new to me? dgaf) that’s tropical something and it’s fucking amazing. It has all these colorful tropical leaves on the bottle and it’s wicked bright and it smells like heaven. Another good one is the leopard.

  2. Not Your Mother’s is a fantastic drug store version of dry shampoo with a very faint scent! I’m a blonde so I don’t have the chalkiness issue, but some brunette girlfriends of mine have borrowed it and never had an issue. My hair is too fine to usually pull off a second day blowout, but this allows me to rock the bun or topknot and look chic rather than greasy. Perfect for your gym bag or as an inexpensive lazy morning fix!

    1. You just wrote the story of my life – I have thick hair but it’s SO FINE, and greasy after one day. Having something to freshen and oomph it up is CRITICAL! I will def check this one out, tbh drugstore brands are the real MVP. xx

  3. My all time favourite is a dry shampoo by Umberto Giannini. Their sea salt spray is amazing also – and their products smell lovely!

    1. I’ll buy anything that smells good to me – I will have to look into both! Now that my hair isn’t purple the curl is back and I actually need some kind of texturizing spray… thanks for the recc xx

  4. Batiste is a cheaper brand that I love. Their brunette spray– once given a moment to dry– does not stain my hands. I’ve tried other dry shampoos without the dye but I always, always was left with dandruff-looking residue. Through the years I have tried many brands ranging in price but Batiste is a bargain and a God-send for me.

    1. Ahhhh YES! Batiste. That’s it. I was trying to remember its name, my friend had it and I tried it and liked it. Don’t they make different kinds or something (or just brunette)? I am definitely gonna check it out. Thanks girl 😘

  5. I absolutely love Lush’s dry shampoo! Its a white powder so using too much can result in having grey roots but as a brunette, I’ve never had an issue with it. Although it doesn’t make my hair smell fresh, it also doesn’t make me smell like an old person. It also gives me some added volume which is a definite bonus. As someone who goes to the gym and sits in the sauna everyday, I get sweaty and my hair can get.. gross if I’m being honest. It saves me from having to wash it after every gym session and makes my post gym routine much faster!

    1. LOVE LUSH, didn’t know they had a dry shampoo!!! must try. thanks for the heads up :) and I totally feel you on the gym hair thing — I think that’s where my obsession with it started haha. I def wanna try it, thanks for sharing lovely. x

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