OBSESSING OVER: Voluspa’s Prosecco Rose Candle & Diffuser


You probably know by now that I love Voluspa – I have the Goji Tarocco Orange candle and diffuser downstairs, and I’m on my second big Mokara candle. Last week I was shopping at Larchmont Beauty with my friend Christina which is where I get all my Voluspa stuff, and I happened to pick up this new, super glam candle with an UNBELIEVABLE scent… Two words:

Prosecco. Rose.


I can’t believe I had never seen or smelled the Prosecco Rose Candle before, but as soon as I did I was sold. Not only is the packaging perfectly girly and adorable, it smells exactly as good as one would hope from a scent labeled as “sparkling pink prosecco and rose petals.”

It’s flowery, bright, and fresh… Innocent and sweet but with a hint of temptation. I don’t know if it’s new or I just missed it all these months but SO WOW, MUCH YUM, VERY NOSEGASM.


The scent reminds me of a Dior perfume I wore for YEARS and absolutely loved, but it has been discontinued for a while now. So, for me it’s like smelling wonderful memories over rosy prosecco in the comfort of my home.

Basically this candle scent changed the game and my whole fucking life… Bless you, Voluspa.

Side note: Maybe Voluspa will see this post and decide to give me a lifetime supply of Prosecco Rose products – a girl can dream, right?!


I also got the Prosecco Rose Diffuser – chic. The bottle has the same smattering of gold confetti and is bigger than some other diffusers I have used, which I really like. Right now, I have the Capri Blue diffuser (smaller than this) and the Goji Tarocco Orange one, which is a different style entirely.

One thing about diffusers: you can lose the scent if a diffuser is placed in a large room… The space will naturally dilute it. Keeping them in areas like a desk or bathroom will give you the perfect level of scent. I love having them throughout my place… They’re a powerful whiff of wonderful AND make for pretty decorations.

If you’re a candle and scent fiend like me: What’s your favorite smell or brand? I always lean towards fruity, floral and sometimes spicy scents – perfume included (which is why Flowerbomb has been my top choice for the last year or so). Curious to hear what you guys like!


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