Let’s Talk About Eyebrows.

Oh, eyebrows. No doubt one of the major downfalls of being a young woman is either accidentally tweezing your brows too thin, or going to a “professional” and getting them waxed off entirely…

I’m prettyyy sure most of my teenage angst came from having eyebrows that were too far apart, oddly shaped, or too thin — all looks that were so not me. I mean, just take a look at this picture from high school when I was in my “let the ladies at the nail salon also wax my brows once they finished filling my acrylics” phase (yes I was THAT girl). Just, no.


SUCH A MISTAKE. I mean, yes, I have a nice looking arch, but they are SO THIN AND WEIRD LOOKING!!! I’m 17-18 in this, *so young and dumb* and I cringe thinking about looking at myself in the mirror with those brows today. It was shortly after I finished high school that I realized I needed to let my brows grow in (aka pray they would grow back). I have big eyes, so I learned by trial and error that fuller is better when it came to my eyebrows because it balances out my face.

These days, no one else touches my eyebrows because I’m psycho (duh) so I tweeze/maintain them myself. I’m super expressive with my brows, so having a natural shape even if it’s not a textbook stencil arch is important to me. I try to leave them be, only taking what’s clearly out of line. I carefully fill them in every day, trying to achieve the perfectly full look that still seems natural – sometimes I do them up a bit more dramatic, but mostly I just want them to be a strong frame for the rest of my face.

If you’re one of the few people in the world whose brows need no maintenance or beautification, stop reading. If you’re like me and have a small army of brow pencils and other products to create the illusion that our brows are perfect and require no work whatsoever… Keep reading.

Have you ever thought/dreamed/hoped that maybe there will be a single product, requiring almost no work or painstaking artistry on your end, to make your brows look natural yet full and perfect? I can’t be the only one.

DY7V5595-LR_crop_2 copy (1)

Well… Apparently dreams do come true because I think my prayers have been answered.

Meet Boy Brow.

1242-01D GLR HIR SHOT_01 (2)

Glossier just released this stellar new superproduct. So wow. Much hi. Such need. Very mine.

I’m already a huge fan of their brand, a focused line of “skincare as beauty” products… I’ve posted about the Phase 1 Set, and it should be known that the balm dotcom is my favorite lip balm of all time – I’ve always got it with me.

Boy Brow thickens, fills, and grooms your brows. It’s got ingredients to condition, strengthen, and nourish. Inspired by hair pomade, Boy Brow has a flexible hold to keep hair in place plus gives you a natural oomph of color to make them look fuller. It makes your brows look effortlessly flawless. Basically, it’s magic.

1242-02C-GLR-HIR-SHOT_02 (1)

The wand has a teeny little tapered brush so it’s really easy to use. I love that the brush is petite because it won’t hold too much product and glob onto your brows unevenly, which I’ve found to be the case and my major issue with most other “mascara” or pomade-like brow boosters. Take a peek at their vid to see this brow potion in action:

Boy Brow is $16 and comes in blonde, brown, and black. It just came online (unless you were lucky enough to catch the presale last week), so grab it while it’s hot.


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