Goodies From Glossier: Phase 1 Set Review.

I know you all just want to see what was inside the box I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago, so let’s get down to beauty business… Meet the Glossier skin squad.


The Phase 1 Set ($80) is changing the game with four products designed to be “skincare as beauty.” Top notch quality ingredients to maximize your routine, so you can perfect your skin and not just cover it up. What I really like about this set is how user friendly it is – everything is designed to be minimal effort with application, just your clean hands.

Also relevant to point out is the Glossier blog – tons of great info about key ingredients in their products, with demos for how to use and more.


I know they say this is the balm dotcom but I just want to say this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. It’s like a velveteen balm, super moisturizing but not too heavy. My lips feel protected (not just hydrated), which is where I think a bunch of standard balms fall flat. It also doubles as a universal salve so you can use it anywhere on your body.


I’ve been tweeting about how much I love that refreshing rosewater mist and balm already, but my favorite in this set is the perfecting skin tint. I don’t wear foundation and used to wear a tinted moisturizer but have been trying to find something that was lightweight but with good coverage for the last year or so… This is on the money. It feels sheer, like you’re not wearing anything, and matches to your skin tone to balance any inconsistencies.

PS: They just launched two new face masks – you probably need them. Stay tuned for the review feature, coming soon… check them out in the meantime: Moisturizing Moon Mask and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack.


phase 1 set c/o glossier

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