Welcome to my new home! I moved to LA in mid-August, having found a wonderful loft downtown that would function as a live/work space for me and the SCB HQ…

LA loft queen chic preview stonecoldbetch-9

My main floor is the kitchen/dining area (aka my office, as my desktop computer and work stuff is in there too), living room with floor to ceiling windows, and a half bath – which was a HUGE bonus when I was first looking at apartments. Upstairs is my bedroom with walk-in closet, and personal bathroom… I call it the Queen’s Quarters, because duh.

LA loft queen chic preview stonecoldbetch-5

Does anyone else feel the need to refresh their space once they’ve traveled or been away for a while? It happens to me almost every time I go somewhere… I come home and am like, “no this is where THIS, THIS, and THAT should really go…” I just got back to LA after a weeklong trip to Seattle, so I’m sure before long I’ll have changed even more up. Tell me I’m not a psycho and other people do this too?!

LA loft queen chic preview stonecoldbetch-8

I’m obsessed with burning candles and have at least 10 around my apartment right now… All different kinds, scents, and sizes. I’m also a big fan of incense – basically I just like my space to smell like some kind of heaven at all times. My new favorite is a Yankee Candle, Stargazer Lily – I got the 22oz jar and am legit ADDICTED to the scent.

LA loft queen chic preview stonecoldbetch-4

I have another massive orchid (it’s really more of a tree) with four different branches blooming right now. I love having flowers in my apartment – not the kind that you buy from the store and wilt in less than a week, but the kind you take care of and then get to watch grow and bloom as time goes by. I still need to get plants, and am contemplating an indoor herb garden – I miss having a backyard!

LA loft queen chic preview stonecoldbetch-3

I got this amethyst candle holder and the piece of amethyst and citrine on the left from The Hoodwitch, which is an awesome shop full of wondrous goodies. Bree is the goddess behind the shop and site, and I was fortunate to meet her in Seattle before I left which has made all of the items I have from her store more special to me.

LA loft queen chic preview stonecoldbetch-2

More pictures of my new place (after I re-redecorate, hopefully hang my art, and shoot the upstairs) coming soon… For more tips on how to decorate and upgrade your living space, check out this post I wrote for during my partnership with them this month! Hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my space.


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