Come Upstairs And Say Hello – A Peek Inside My Bedroom!

Props if you got the Guster reference in the title. In my last queen chic decor post, I showed you guys the downstairs part of my loft… which has since changed around a bit. Now, I’m almost done with the finishing touches on my place so I thought to take a few pictures to show you the style and vibes of my room upstairs.

stonecoldbetch home decor preview

I got this baby orchid at the store recently and a few more buds have bloomed! As I’ve said before, I adore orchids and having flowers and plants in my home… It makes the space feel more vibrant and alive, plus having to take care of something living reminds me to take care of myself – which is something I forget to do when I’m busy or stressed.

stonecoldbetch home decor preview-7

One of the best parts about my loft is that my full length wall of windows, has a remote controlled blind on the top half. I click a button and they go up or down. It makes me so happy, you guys have no idea… I’ll grab the clicker from my nightstand each morning and roll them up, then hate my life because it’s so bright… However it does wake me up so I can’t really complain.

stonecoldbetch home decor preview-6

There’s a fireplace (!!!) below this little collection of trinkets, and situated right to the side is my cuddler chair… It’s a corner of heaven. Answering emails or writing out my infinite to do list isn’t so bad when I’m snuggled up here.

stonecoldbetch home decor preview-3

stonecoldbetch home decor preview-4

stonecoldbetch home decor preview-8

I styled my closet shelves to help motivate me to keep it organized in there, as well as bring inspiration to my fashion choices each day. It actually works! I put my clothes away or hang them instead of tossing them up there. Try it!

stonecoldbetch home decor preview-9

When I lived in Seattle, I created a magnet/postcard fridge collage, and since moving have been wondering where I could recreate it. I didn’t even know it was a thing to not have a fridge that’s magnetic, but mine here in LA isn’t, so I’ve been stumped. I decided to take a bare section of wall in my closet, right above a shoe rack and the door, and turn it into one.

stonecoldbetch home decor preview-11

I also had shelving put in my closet for my heels at my house, so for now they’re out on display in front of my mirror in my room… I actually really like it, I think it glams the space up and I love seeing my heels and boots on display.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed these little previews of my place… I get so excited about decorating and organizing, it makes me think I missed my calling as an interior designer/stylist. There will be a full loft tour coming soon on my YouTube channel!


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