QUEEN CHIC: Where I Found My New Living Room Rug For Cheap


I finally got a rug for my living room, and now I feel adult as fuck.

My boyfriend came over last night and helped me put it IN my living room, as opposed to my kitchen which was where I rolled it out and put it with its rug mat. I’ll tell you now this rug needs one, it’s hearty (and soft!) but not very thick.I’m glad I got one to provide some extra cushion and keep it in place on the floor.

I love how it turned out – it reflects the daylight to make the whole room brighter, and offsets my dark furniture.


I shared pictures of my naked, pre-rug living room in my loft preview post a few months back. It has changed a little since then, but you get the idea.. I think it looks SO much better than before.

I work/live in a loft that has 2-story floor to ceiling windows, so I’m blessed with some amazing natural light. Because of that, I love to sit and work on my living room floor. Is that weird? And while my hardwood is pretty, it’s not that comfortable and gets cold at night… I needed some insulation and padding for my ass. So, cue my internet-wide search for an affordable rug, big enough to carpet an entire room.

Enter: The Safavieh Rag White Area Rug from Wayfair. I was nervous about buying something so big online without seeing it in person first… sooo I went a little psycho on the reviews during my search before deciding on this one. I ordered an 8×10 so it would completely fill the space and break up the open area of my living room and kitchen. It fits in perfectly and is just tucked under the couch and my TV stand. PRO TIP: Take measurements before you start shopping so you can instantly filter online results to what’s available in your size needed!

Another thing I didn’t want to do is spend a bunch of money on a rug I hadn’t seen before in case I hated it. This one is only $189 for an 8×10! I wasn’t too worried if it wasn’t perfect because it wasn’t that expensive. Granted, the rug mat I bought was about a hundred bucks, but I could reuse it. All in all, $300 for what I got was an amazing deal, and the quality is impressive.

If you’re looking for a rug (or any kind of home decor, let’s be honest) here’s a list of my go-to sites and stores to search and shop.

Queen Chic: Sites, Stores, Discounts & More


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