Welcome To My Betchelorette Pad!

Fact: I am writing this from a wine bar right now. My house was listed today and we had the broker’s open plus two showings, which is why I’m being a digital nomad.

It’s still kinda early but wine is totally warranted when you’ve had strangers in your space all day… plus it’s hot as balls so I NEEDED a cold glass of rosé.

The good news is that the photos taken last week (aka the staging situation that caused my meltdown) came out beautiful. Of course I want to point out everything that’s different, but you’ll just have to wait and see how it really looks when I do a video tour!

Welcome To The Bungalow.








Do you die? It’s so betchy. I call my decor vibe queen chic which needs no explanation, am I right… Full video tour coming soon!


8 thoughts on “Welcome To My Betchelorette Pad!

  1. My me asking what part of Seattle you lived in? I fell in love and now I’m thinking of moving this Summer. Your bungalow was perfect!

    1. Hey lady! SOrry I’m so behind on answering comments. Hope this info is still useful – my house was in Mt. Baker, just south of downtown. I have also lived downtown near the SLU area, and on Cap hill as that is where I went to college… If you’re looking to move, I’d say check out cap hill or up north a bit – Greenlake/Ravenna/UW area, as those are both lively areas with lots of mid-20’s people. Let me know if you have any q’s if you do make the move, promise I’ll be quicker to answer this time :) xx

  2. Your house is real goals and you surprisingly live so much closer to me! You should get into interior design because I LOVE your house. Queen chic indeed.

  3. I AM DEAD. It is so much better than what I had in my head just from your snapshots here and there. How is that real life?! I love everything about the look and feel. Teach us your ways!!!!

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