Swatch & Tell: New Spring Faves from Clinique.

Hi from my workstation at the Delta Lounge in the Minneapolis airport… I’m finally on my  way back home sweet home after two wonderful weeks in Austin for SXSW. In semi-related news, I had Ghostface Killah in front of me in first class out of Austin! Also, my seatmate ordered a bloody mary so I started drinking wine at like 11am today. It’s fine. I’m all over the place today and even get to travel back in time two hours… But I digress, which must either be the wine or maybe the fact that I haven’t taken my ADD meds today.

Let’s talk about new makeup – I’m calling this Swatch & Tell, k? I bought all of this at an event I covered so I’m just going to share what I liked about each rather than write a traditional (boring) review. I went to Clinique’s #StartBetter beauty event recently to learn more about their latest products and get a new look for the spring season.

I sat down with Amy to talk all things beauty and for new tips. Application and beauty tips from expert makeup artists = serious pearls of wisdom. This is what I picked up from my consultation:

The eye palette is a perfect range of neutral tones that go together, so it’s a 1-2-3 and done quad that I immediately loved. I love beauty products that can multitask or know will match well together, so this was a no brainer. This would be complimentary with any eye color or skin tone.


I know I’ve hyped up the NARS lip pencils and shadow sticks in the past, but I definitely prefer this new shadow stick to theirs – it’s smoother, and a better texture to work with for me. I really dig the pearlescent look and how it’s not too gel-like, it sets just like a powder shadow. The lip pencil is a wearable sheer but well pigmented… I amped up the amount in the swatch, so just imagine a sheer version if you’re wearing a single coat.


My favorite part about both of the sticks it they’re auto-sharpening – just crank from the bottom and have a perpetually sharp pencil to use. Why isn’t everything easy like that? Good looks, Clinique. As a pencil fiend, I seriouslyyyy appreciate those details.

PS. Don’t forget to check out my recap and interview with Ariana, who I interviewed at the event, for her health and fitness tips!


Event Photos: Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic © 2015

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