Pro Tips on How to #StartBetter this Spring.

I had the pleasure of attending Clinique & Allure’s #StartBetter event at the  Bellevue Nordstrom last Saturday, where I learned about all the latest products and then had a spring beauty consultation with all their new goodies.

I seriously forgot how nice it is to have someone do your makeup for you. I sat back and let my new best friend Amy play with my face… Loved the look and picked up a few things (I have a bad habit like that) that I’ll share in a post soon because, IMPORTANT.

But really: I think the first thing I’ll do when I get rich and famous is hire a makeup artist to put on my face every day. It’s sooo fun to get dolled and done up by a professional, not to mention there’s no  angst over matching your eyeliner art or concern with trying to contour – just guaranteed pretty.









Getting a new look was fun, but the best part of this event was being able to meet and chat with Ariana Lallone, former Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer and fitness & wellness expert. She teaches at the Seattle Gym (I’m def going to take one of her classes!) and is a local star – catch a performance of one of her shows at Teatro Zinzanni.

As you know from Monday’s post, I’m making an effort to hit the ground running as it comes to my health & fitness – speaking with Ariana was so invigorating and totally remotivated me to get back into gear. I picked her brain about a bunch of different things and she gave me so much inspiration and perspective that can only come with the kind of enduring career she has had – and enjoyed – and clearly worked very hard to achieve. In the spirit of getting started, starting better, or starting fresh: some pearls of wisdom from our conversation.




Stay open to possibilities and don’t lose sight of your goals. Lallone spent 24 years with the Pacific Northwest Ballet Academy and danced an impressive range of roles throughout her career. Ariana is not a traditional ballerina as most people would imagine when they hear the word – she is 5’11, and 6’5″ on pointe… She wasn’t meant to dance the traditional roles that we all associate with the ballet. I wanted to know how she handled creating her own path and stayed motivated and focused on her goals.

Accept where you are and don’t pass too much judgment on yourself. All you can do is work with what you have and do the best you can to improve. Ariana said her teachers and artistic directors at the Academy encouraged her and she accepted it with a “this is how it is” attitude. It meant she had the opportunity to do what no one else could. “I owned my roles. I had the opportunity to do what no one else could, and I owned that. I never settled, knowing there was always room for improvement. That is how I got it.”

There is always room for improvement. Remaining active is the key to not aging. When she has a few weeks off between roles at Zinzanni’s, Ariana stays active and works to constantly challenge herself. She just finished up a show, so she’s taking some time off… with yoga and Pilates and aerial training for her next role. “Never settle,” she said. “If I ever become complacent, that’s when I know I need leave.” This is SUCH a good point. If you find yourself getting bored, or plateauing, change something. Don’t make excuses to accept why anything less than what you want is acceptable. Stay committed to constantly challenging yourself to adapt and improve in new ways.

You are where you are and that’s just how it is. Accept where you are, and don’t be too hard on yourself. There is no such thing as “I can’t.” I’m told this idea of not being able to do something doesn’t exist in Lallone’s world. It’s such a limiting belief and definitely one I struggle with – learning how and why she thinks like that perfectly explains how she’s done all that she’s done, and makes it tangible for being able to create that same perspective for myself. Just because you can’t do exactly what is being done or you expected/planned to “be able” to do, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. Mind over matter. You can modify your training and work up from there. You can always do something to improve.

Last but not least… The #StartBetter Giveaway Winner.

My winner is @amalisethompson! You are the luckiest lady in all the land… This gift set of beauty goodies is for you. Now you have the perfect opportunity (read: no excuse) to get started on a better skincare and beauty routine this spring.

Thanks again to Clinique, Allure, and Ariana for an amazing afternoon!


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