Life Planners from the Organizational Gods.

Before leaving for Austin for SXSW (which now feels like forever ago), I was procrastinating on work by decorating my planner with this spring/summer’s adventures, aka music festivals.IMG_3335

I posted this on Twitter and all of my internet betches freaked out about my planner, which I’ve never given enough credit to for keeping my life (and the stone cold business) together. Without further ado, meet the Erin Condren Life Planner.


All of the “classic” designs are found here so you can see the cover options. I love that you can customize your design! It’s a huge/critical bonus when you’re someone like me who carries this everywhere and needs the daily planner style but doesn’t want an agenda that looks meant for a teacher.

The planner is split into month and day/week view, where each week is a full set of pages and each day is divided by morning/day/night. There’s a side tab for “goals and notes” as well as free space on the bottom for any random notes. Sometimes I use it as an actual agenda and abide by the day structure to keep myself on time, but on weeks where I have a ton of stuff to do it’s nice to use the block schedule and see all my projects and the work I need to generally accomplish by week’s end laid out flat in front of me. The flexibility in the layout is nice, it’s not too rigid that you’re stuck using it as an hourly/daily planner like many others.

I modified mine by picking the “Family” name design to get Stone Cold Betch written under Nicole Fleckenstein… If you want to do that, just add a note with your specifications.

This is definitely one of my fave organizational tools – if you haven’t found a hard planner you actually enjoy using, definitely give Erin Condren a try.


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