Clinique & Allure Giveaway Details! #StartBetter

Happy Saturday! I’m about to head out for a beauty event hosted by Clinique and Allure at the Nordstrom this afternoon.

A former Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer Ariana Lallone is hosting, and I have the chance to speak with her – so I’ll bring back her expert diet and fitness knowledge for us all. Even though I feel confident in my diet/lifestyle and how to balance it, I love picking up new ideas and  connecting with other people who have the same healthful mindset – super motivating. I’ll share all of Ariana’s tips on Tuesday when I announce the winner of the giveaway…

What giveaway, you say?!


I’ve teamed up with Clinique and Allure Magazine for a giveaway to help you #StartBetter this spring… I mean, New Years resolutions, anyone? Today is not only about trying a fresh, new look for the sunnier seasons – but also an opportunity to #StartBetter, whether to improve your health, mind, or even just your skin…

Let’s talk about the goodies one of you lucky beauties will be winning.





Also included is the March edition of Allure, because they ARE the beauty experts. I’m a longtime Clinique fan, shamelessly the little girl who *needed* the three step skincare system as soon as it came out – and their eye cream is something I swear by and use daily. Their serum is new and I’m really excited to try it out and see the results.

The giveaway will be held on Twitter, so keep an eye out for my tweets today – and follow my Insta to see what’s going on at the event! Hope all of you beauties are enjoying the weekend.


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