The Beauty Benefits of Silk Pillowcases.

When I first dyed my hair purple, I had to go in for two bleaching sessions as it didn’t take the first time… Unfortunately it also stripped my hair of literally everything – I was left with mushy straw, so we had to chop off a solid 8-10 inches… I’m sure we all remember my awkward transition period.


Byeee, mermaid hair. See you never. I had no idea that my hair would feel the way it did for a while, and sleeping on my cotton sheets – even though a high thread count – snagged my sticky, staticky, dry and depressed (but purple!) hair.

Rather than have a panic attack about how my quest for purple hair was going to make it all fall out, I researched products to help repair my hair, plus alternatives to minimize my regular damage. This led me to silk pillowcases. Guess what? Hair slides on silk – it tangles on cotton. Sold.

Silk > Cotton. 

Here’s the problem with cotton: you can sleep on sheets with a great thread count but they will still be cotton. It’s more absorbent than silk, which means more of that expensive night cream or deep conditioner goes to waste each sleep. As a fabric, it doesn’t slip or slide – it pulls against your face and steals your moisturizer, and gives you a rats nest of hair as you sleep through the night.

 Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Sleeping on Silk.

Silk is a natural product (not manmade) and contains natural proteins and amino acids that are good for your skin and help counter the effects of aging. It’s a more sustainable product and more eco-friendly than all other fabrics – it’s also hypoallergenic.

I was put off by the idea of getting silk pillowcases at first because I expected them to cost an arm and a leg… They’re actually completely reasonable. I got these mulberry silk pillowcases and change them out every week – a set of two for $24 seemed like a worthwhile deal to me.

I’ve been really happy with them and can DEFINITELY tell a difference with my hair – I wake up with smooth strands that hardly tangle. My face doesn’t feel as dry or dehydrated after a night of rest either –  I really didn’t realize what I was “losing” by sleeping on absorbent cotton sheets until I made the swap.  Care is simple – mine are machine washable (cold, delicate with light soap – wash them weekly – tumble dry on low heat).

Ps. Where Did I Get My Bath Caddy?


I posted this on Instagram about a week ago and everyone has been asking where I found this amazing bath caddy – I searched high and low on Amazon, of course. It’s the Taymor Ultimate Bath Caddy: with wine glass holder, mirror, candle holder, and prop for a book. Dreamy. You’re welcome.


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