ASK SCB: How is your skin always perfect?

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions recently about how my skin is “always so clear and glowing,” which is like the greatest compliment to me, so THANK YOU! Because it hasn’t been without trial and error and searching out the right people. I also had to commit myself to taking proper care spending time and effort on my own to keep it looking great… Now I obviously plan to share my updated routine and some pearls of wisdom.

First things first, I get a facial every 3-4 weeks. I mentioned the spot in Seattle I frequent in this sunscreen post, and I have changed my regime 100% since I started going there.  I know you can’t usually tell in my photos but I have combination skin, and though I don’t get any real “acne,” my pores get clogged with gunk super easy. If I’m lazy for just a day or two, (read: I don’t cleanse morning and night, sleep in my makeup, etc. my skin is a little betch, just like me) I’ll start to see the beginnings of angry skin… which gets me right back to my routine. I went in to see my amazing skin fairy Celeste last week and my cheeks // chin were going psycho, so she sent me home to sample a power combo of two new Dermalogica products to try between sessions.

She suggested this cream exfoliant (which you leave on) followed by their recovery mask. One thing I love about Celeste is that she’s super generous with giving me samples and options to try so I can determine what works and feels best to use in between appointments. I don’t feel like I’m being “sold” on anything, which is unfortunately a real issue you deal with if you’re in a big store like Sephora, and bombarded with a million lines, ingredients and promises. It should be noted that I’m not wearing any foundation in the above right selfie… This was just face post-exfoliant plus mask. I’ll definitely be purchasing the full size of both to use regularly – obsessed.

An important lesson I’ve picked up from her so far is that more is definitely not more. I used to use serum, cream, spot treatment, whatever I thought the appropriate “treatment” to whatever I was dealing with, and she told me (consider this loose quotes) it’s common for people to *accidentially* overdo it with their skin regimen because they’re layering a bunch of products, which all have a few (often overlapping) active ingredients… some can interfere with each other. That can irritate your skin, especially if you don’t know exactly it needs vs. just what you think it does.

Like I said, I used to use a variety of products that were mostly targeting the issue, not treating the source. In my first skincare post, I have a ridiculous assortment of product that I was layering left and right because I “thought” that’s what I needed. I’ve leearned better – also, an important rule of thumb to remember: most products within a line should be compatible to use with each other.

 I’ve become a real fanatic of the Dermalogica products – this is my daily lineup.


When I was in last week she asked if I had any idea why my skin might be acting up – stress, sleep, diet, whatever. I did admit that I’m lazy with washing my face and doing the whole shabang in the morning… often I forego with a wipe and just swipe on the basic face makeup I’ll wear on a regular day. I mean, I just washed my face the night before, and all I did was sleep. It’s not that big of a deal, right? WRONG.

She was all, “skin does most of its work at night with repairs, regeneration, etc.” (that’s why going to bed is literally time for beauty sleep) …but all that cell turnover is still on your face, when you wake up in the morning. Ew, clogged pores are dead skin I could have just washed off if I hadn’t been so faux-lazy and stressed in the morning? She didn’t need to tell me twice – I decided to make my morning routine into a time of pampering so I would never want to skip it again. Lesson learned, make SURE to wash your face in the mornings. And nights. Don’t ever skimp on your beauty regime.


Final thoughts: I put this on my wall a few months ago and have since become one with this mantra.

A NARSissist lives by her own rules, not afraid to express herself in every look, mood or attitude. Effortlessly captivating with a bottomless makeup bag.

I just love everything about that. A true NARSissist obviously has a morning pamper routine to get her excited about washing her face, duh, and then comes all the fun makeup! Mornings are wonderful when you start it with a treat like this – not to mention your skin will glow its thank you. Suck it up by slipping on a silky robe (or lush + plush) and make tea while you give your skin the love it deserves. Just wash your fucking face and give it the right care!! You’ll realize it’s a really nice way to treat yourself before you’re forced to literally face the day.

PS. Keep your bathroom clean and make it a nice place to get pretty in, beauties…. You are a reflection of your environment, so take some pride in your physical one.


product details: daily microfoliant // essential cleanser // spf 50 moisturizer (am) + night cream // cream exfoliant (new) // recovery mask (new)

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