Let’s talk about getting rid of acne.

Namaste betches! So, yesterday I got a facial and it was like hitting the refresh button on my life.


How my skin looks and feels is super important to me, and after eating, drinking, and traveling through the holidays – my lack of diet and sleep was showing up on my face. Not okay.

When I saw my aesthetician at the beginning of December, I picked up Murad’s Acne Spot Fast Fix to deal with the inevitable breakouts I’d get from stress/traveling/life over the holidays, and naturally I meant to share it with you right then… but I got distracted. It happens.


After traveling and being gone for most of December and eating out 80% of the month – this little guy really came in handy.

I used to use this Neutrogena spot treatment (from the drugstore) because I figured it was “good enough” and couldn’t be bothered to seek out a better replacement… I’m shocked with myself for this too, don’t worry. What annoyed me about it was that though it worked in clearing my skin up, it legit irritated and dried out surrounding healthy skin.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.58.15 PM

To be quite honest, I can’t even believe I was attracted to buy the product in the first place. The name itself scares me.  DO NOT BUY. Highly drying.

Your skin needs to be healed – not dried – when you break out. The Murad treatment is effective without being harsh (I’ve applied it a few times per day) and clears up your face without being too aggressive on your skin. It’s 3.5% benzoyl peroxide, with soothing ingredients that help redness and skin tone.

Dermalogica Skincare Routine - StoneColdBetch

I’ve already posted my complete skincare routine here, and also use SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense (posted here) as my daily acne defense treatment.

By the way: should you pick at your face then apply this – you will feel the burn… Not that I’ve done it because I’m perfect and have no bad habits, but I know. And the same goes for the SkinCeuticals potion. PS. The Neutrogena one stung so bad I literally wanted to die.

Two lessons are to be learned from my bad habit. 1: Don’t pick your face. 2: If you occasionally perform at home facials and extraction seshes where you might accidentally go a little psycho, maybe wait a day to use this. May I suggest the recovery mask I use to repair the damage  instead?


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