TGIF TUNE: kiesza – giant in my heart

I love Kiesza because she reminds me of a Spice Girl. If they grew up properly (aka as a unit like every 90’s girl ever hoped) and continued to make dance friendly girl power anthems, she would be added as Sassy Spice. You’ve probably heard her single “Hideaway,” that got a lot of remix attention, I think Gorgon City was the first to blow it up. She filmed the video in one take, apparently having a broken rib as well – talk about a bad bitch.

smile kies

My new jam by her is called Giant In My Heart which totally has the Spice Girls-y vibe to it, but she sings about real shit. Read the lyrics or just listen along – she’s so fucking cute and catchy, and not in the annoyingly mainstream way.

Turn it on, groove along and drool over Kiesza’s rad sense of style with me.

First let’s take a minute to obsess over her hair, I’m kind of amazed by it. Second, she can pull off the Kanye // harem pant trend, which is basically impossible in my eyes. Third, WHERE DOES SHE GET THESE JACKETS?!?! I just want to be her friend. And raid her closet. And have her play with my hair and sing me to sleep. In the meantime, I’ll have to deal with blasting her in the betchmobile to pump me up for a workout.

kies ootd

I love how unique her personal style is – everyone today tries to wear something that nobody else has, that’s more far out // more conceptual // more SOMETHING, and mostly ends up trying too hard and looking straight weird. She’s just effortlessly coordinated and cool with her looks, which I really admire. If I ever look that good, it’s because I tried. Really hard. ALSO!!! That bottom cat eye liner – such a hot trend. I’m about it, and everything about her.

Dance on over to Kiesza’s Soundcloud to hear more and follow mine for all the latest tunes.


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