Ask SCB: What’s Your Hair Care Routine?

Per a recent question on my Instagram, my regular hair routine. I try to be as nice to my hair as possible these days as I’ve already been blonde numerous times as well as chopped it all off, dyed it black and then had extensions for something absurd, like two years. I went from Regina to Janis Ian, and really I’m just like a brunette Cher, so it’s been a trial and error process.

About a month or so I dyed out most of my ombre and really just left the color to highlight my face and to compliment my cut, so maintenance is really lowkey now. I have thick and fine hair that is actually pretty curly, so I get smoothing treatments from my salon to help cut down my blowout time at home. I seriously try to limit blowing out my hair to like, twice a week. If anything, I let it air dry for as long as possible and then finish it off with a dryer and flat brush and then run an iron through it and am good to go.

shower power.

For shampoo and conditioner I’m a longtime user of Bumble and bumble’s product line. I currently use their color safe/sulfate free shampoo and conditioner because of the smoothing treatment I get. I’ve used pretty much every other kind at one point or another but if you’re looking for a high quality sulfate free pair, this is definitely a good choice.

post-wash styling.

I also use a combination of bumble products for styling – ALWAYS their invisible hairdresser’s oil right after the shower to lock in all of the moisture (it makes your hair feel phenomenal). Between that and my weekly deep conditioning, I’m almost Rapunzel. I also use their straight blowout cream, which is obv only for when I’m going for super sexy sleek hair, plus their Dryspun thickening spray which is FUCKING SPECTACULAR – it’s like a thickening/setting spray you can use to give clean hair some texture and some limp hair a boost.

I also am a huge fan of dry shampoo as I don’t like to wash my hair every day. Between Drypspun and Enjoy’s dry shampoo, I’m set. My favorite little trick for using dry shampoo is to shower and dry my hair (letting it air dry for a while as mentioned above) at night, and then put in some dry shampoo before bed – wake up, maybe add some dryspun or blow it out for 30 seconds to re-boost my roots and voila! Perfectly slept in, clean and textured hair ready to style any which way.

pro tip: deep condition.

Salon days are one of my fave parts of life, and I currently get smoothing treatments from Jennie at Salon Divas here in Seattle… it’s literally the only salon I’ve ever trusted my hair with. Those treatments are well worth it for the convenience factor, but they add up – I try to maximize the time between mine by being really careful and good about deep conditioning, to keep it is healthy as possible. She started me on this Davines deep conditioner well over a year ago and I buy the industrial size and use about once a week. My go-to method is to slick it on and then just wear my topknot with dirty hair, conditioning for the day and then wash it out at night (with wine and a bath is my suggestion).


extra credit: cheat with cheap.

My all-time favorite hairspray is actually this five dollar (and it’s huge) bottle from the drugstore – Aussie Mega. It’s a flexible hold, which is a HUGE deal for me because I feel like any hairspray turns into a full on liquid helmet… All I want is a little bit of hold to keep my baby hair frizzies around my head at bay, or keep a curl in place. While it’s not quite up to par with the Bumble hairsprays (which would be my higher end fave) this is a great alternative that is a STEAL!


product details: enjoy dry shampoo // b&b sulfate free shampoo & conditioner // b&b invisible oil // b&b blowout cream // b&b thickening spray // aussie flexible hairspray // davines deep conditioner

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