SCB IRL: Life Highlights

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lights, music, dancing.

happy saturday!! four for everyone since we all survived the week // one weekend night. as per usual, i stayed in last night because thursday is the new friday and i am a devout weekly attendee of the wonderful 4×4 nights at my fave club.


if you’re off your game, q nightclub is possibly the greatest place on earth // seattle for me right now… they’ve got an insane funktion one system, lights by stephen lieberman, it’s one of the venues for the noted Decibel Festival (first wave artist announcement), PLUS the people and teams behind the scenes are all friends of mine. it’s literally too good to be true, but then every single week it is and i remember how lucky i am. also, i’m thinking i’m going to peer pressure them into letting me implement this idea and start a pre-morning nu disco/jazzercise scene, with me on the mic. thoughts? i mean, i would totally take dance class from me, duh.


this week we were graced with some  serious tuneage from danny daze and justin martin. i’m a huuuge fan of these guys // dirtybird in general and loved the energy of this night. this vid was taken directly under one of the speakers casually suspended from the ceiling so that’s why it’s appropriately wobbly… ps. practice safe sound and invest in your hearing if you do a lot of this as i do by wearing earplugs – i use vmoda faders. i’m also super amped to see the man claude von stroke himself in a few weeks when we head down to lightning in a bottle. i’ll be missing sasquatch, but after coachella i decided new adventures are the best kind, so off to california we go.

listen: sounds from the cloud.

if you haven’t heard this yet (flume is not a new obsession of mine, but his sound is finally getting mainstream attention which is great), you’re welcome. ps. i uploaded all of my lorde footage from decibel to check out if you’re into her like me.

read the lyrics, this song just gives you the feels and in such a good way. tcts beats with wistful lyrics have my icy little heart melted, just for these 4 minutes though.

lyrics here… i dig the light vibe of this one. i’m about the feel good tunes today, sue me… or just follow me on soundcloud.

don’t talk, just dance.

kingdom saturdays always promise to be a wild night to remember – if you can. this weekend we have bixel boys (!!!!) which means i probably should go take a disco nap since all these dudes warming up the decks are worthy of going to the club early to see… which means a long night ahead for me. enjoy the tunes!


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