pro tip: deep condition.

There is no excuse to not give your hair all the love it deserves… Deep conditioning your ends and twisting them up in a topknot while you’re in school/at work/running errands/being lazy/there is the perfect way to do this on a regular basis! Just slick your ends and twist. I also like to part my hair in the center and do a low knot, which looks super polished if you just give your head a once over with some light hairspray to tame any frizzies (that’s what we’re doing this for). I’ve also done a deep side part and then twisted or braided one side. The product I use smells minimally and fine, so I have no aversion or second thoughts to wearing this through the day. If this is a little too hippie/greasy for you, just make sure to spend your Sunday nights sleeping your way to Rapunzel. If anything, just stop straightening the absolute shit out of your entire head every day. You’re probably gonna need to pull a Britney and shave it all off one day anyway, so just keep that in mind.


Point: If you don’t have a deep conditioner like my fave in your beauty arsenal, I highly recommend investing in some. Ps. If you’re obsessing over a different one, comment or tell me about it on Twitter as I will NEED to try it out… I have serious FOMO with this kind of thing. xx

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