EYELASHDOWN: Drugstore Mascara Reviews.

Happy Monday! It’s a wonderful day here because it’s time for another post on what I’m buying and trying, to review for you in an effort to find my fave drugstore products. This is a two for one deal, because besides the convenience factor, the makeup is WAY CHEAPER – and this leaves us more money to spend on more makeup, clothes, shows, Fireball, shoes, cupcakes, I’m just thinking out loud with my own mental list here.

I picked up four mascaras: CoverGirl Flamed Up, Revlon Lash Potion, Rimmel Scandaleyes and L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. I talked briefly about mascara wands in the video from my last post, and this is the perfect opportunity to explain. Personally, I think that wands are the critical factor in mascara – they are how the formula (however expensive or cheap it may be) will be applied to your lashes. Therefore, nailing the kind of want you want is even more important than whatever they’re advertising with the marketing and packaging. I need to have dense wand brushes because my lashes are out of control, so I know better than to mess with any wimpy looking products. Here’s what I thought of the four listed, and how they stack up.

CoverGirl Flamed Up Mega Curl Mascara



I’ve never been a big fan of mascaras that come with curved wands. However, I did like this one – I think if you bump up the top back and bump it against your base lashes and then swirl the wand up and out as you pull it up definitely makes a visible “curl” factor difference for me. I think the amount deposited from the wand is pretty dismal… Though I wouldn’t use this on the regular, if I wanted a medium one coat mascara with some curl, this is a decent pick. I would be sure to let coats dry enough if you put on multiple, the consistency seemed a little goopy. If you’re looking for a throw and go and don’t want to curl your lashes beforehand, this could be a solid drugstore mascara for you.

Revlon Lash Potion



Whoever said they loved this mascara is crazy. The wand feels too long and the brush seems a little too fat, so you can see the formula is pre-clumped on the wand in the above picture. I know this was the one that someone warned was hard to get off, so I was skeptical from the start but wanted it since a bunch of people said they use it! My main issue with this is I feel like it’s drowning my lashes, not building them up. Whatever potion is in there is no good. I threw this one away.

L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer Mascara



Thanking whoever put this idea in my head!! I really liked this L’Oreal mascara. As you can see, the wand is spindly and dense, which is something I immediately liked. This went on and my eyes look bigger, lashes fuller and longer without being too dramatic – I often end up with really intense looking lashes if I’m not paying attention. I think the wand allows YOU to really control the amount and application process, which as a beauty psycho, I appreciated. It also didn’t make my lashes feel too stiff after it dried, and looked good for the majority of my day.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara



This is definitely one of the top mascaras suggested when I was at the store last week, and now I believe the hype. The wand with this one is just like that of Benefit’s They’re Real, but I think it may be slightly smaller in actual size, which I prefer. I really like how this went on, and I love the little top for corners or smaller lashes. I think this is a fairly versatile mascara due to the wand and you can amp it up and go for more thickness and volume, or try to draw your lashes out more for length. I would definitely recommend this one for people to go and try.

final verdict.

I think the Rimmel mascara won this one. I liked the L’Oreal, but I think that Scandaleyes is a friendlier and more accessible option for anyone to use, and there are different ways you can use the same product via the nimble wand. I cannot stress enough how important it is to figure out what kind of mascara wand works best for your lashes. There’s usually extensive product reviews online – take advantage of these and don’t wait until you’re sitting overwhelmed in the aisles like I was! Have you tried any of these? Let me know what you think in a comment!

xx SCB

2 thoughts on “EYELASHDOWN: Drugstore Mascara Reviews.

  1. These are the things I ponder in the drugstore aisles too — but I’ve never put them to back to back tests. Thank you, SCB! I don’t want to overpay for makeup; I’ve never found it’s worth it. However, if and when you say so . . . I’m apt to be convinced. Keep them coming! You’re doing a very nice service here. :-)

  2. Yay! I suggested the L’Oreal False Fiber mascara! Glad you liked it! Now I might have to try the Rimmel mascara you loved so much!

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