drugstore v. designer, ep. 1: lipstick.

This post review is all about LIPS: I wore two lipsticks and a stain/balm that I was recommended during my adventure to the drugstore over the weekend. In the coming posts, I’ll be unveiling my entire haul, from concealers to all of the mascara suggestions from Twitter, and reviewing them so I can tell you how to cheat the cheap, and save you money to splurge on the designer beauty products you want. If I can find a suitable alternative that costs less, I’m going to start using that – because then I can buy more of the same with the money I saved. Girl logic.

Don’t care if you laughed at me as long as you watched.

comparison & review.

I know I said I was going to compare these to specific higher end lipsticks, but I was wrong. Turns out the buzzwords on drugstore packaging is kind of a liar… So, a review of some of the top items I got and then what I would say they are the lesser version of, if they are worth recommending at all… You’ll see.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss | #111 Kiss of Life


This is the Rimmel #111 LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK BY KATE MOSS! that I couldn’t say straight in video. I use Revlon’s ColorStay liner (red) here just in case the lipstick was slippery and bled, as the shiny texture in the tube lead me to believe it would be possible.

Kate Moss knows her lipstick. This had good staying power, and like NARS lipsticks, the formula and consistency made me feel like it’s really a part of my face. It feels flexible – like the lipstick moves with me rather than sitting on TOP of my lips. Though the consistency is a little thinner, making it a little slicker to apply, I still really liked it. It’s a warmer red, so take note of that. I think it would compare best to the NARS Velvet Matte line – if you were interested to buy an adventurous shade of lipstick alone that sort of line, I would definitely try and match it to a lower end shade if available from this line. I like the sheen with it, I feel like a lot of lipsticks can look a little too shiny or glossy, but this has a nice sheen that makes it look much richer than an 6$ tube. The pigmentation that’s deposited with this one is nice, and it doesn’t feel like it dries my lips out as the day wears on!

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede | #095 Finale


I had high hopes for this Revlon shade at first because it seemed like a safe bet – not too fussy, fancy, should just stay on and look good for a long time. Right? Wrong. My issue is that once it was on for a minute, it felt like it thickened rather than just drying and feeling invisible. I would liken the feeling to that of when you put on one of those clay masks to draw all of the impurities from your face, but on your lips, and it’s not doing anything good for them. This has already been thrown away. Don’t buy it.

The one upside of this experiment is that I think I found a universally flattering color – I think this sort of coral-y shade would flatter any face. If you’re looking to branch out into brighter territory, try a pinky/salmon/red tone before you go out and buy something shocking… Just find a different kind. It feels like that Outlast lipstick that was gooey and dried that way, when it first came out like 10 years ago.

extra credit.


Can we talk for a minute about how obsessed I am with this Revlon stain balm? For their miss with the ColorStay lipstick I got, this balm is great – at least in this shade. I first bought one around Christmas in Darling (a light violet shade) and really didn’t care for it… I love the new one I got, which is called Lovesick. It’s a raspberry pink and the texture feels great, and the stain is definitely for real, which is an aspect I love – I wasn’t sure with how it felt almost like a gloss at first, but it has staying power. I sent it off in my Snapchat this morning if you’re friends with me, as I was running out for coffee (what else would I do with my day? besides get a manicure, because that’s next) and wearing a really cute Lululemon jacket that more people should see… Anyway, I definitely recommend finding a shade you’re interested in trying the next time you’re perusing the makeup aisle at your local drugstore. But first, let me take a selfie. And seriously, I love this balm/stain.


Have you tried any of these? Leave product feedback, suggestions or love for me, in a comment below.

xx SCB

4 thoughts on “drugstore v. designer, ep. 1: lipstick.

  1. I LOVE Kate Moss’s line with Rimmel. I first bought it to try out a bright “true red” to see if I liked it on myself and I fell in love. I have Alarm which is my go to red and then Rossetto which is more of a pinky red. I’m glad someone else appreciates this line as much as I do!!

  2. I am super excited for these comparisons because I followed your primer advice and holy shit balls I am broke. Pay day is friday and just in time to get products to go with the primers. Two for you QueenSCB!

  3. I have the revlon balm stain in lovesick too and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I really like your comparisons to higher end makeup too and look forward to your other posts!! As a broke college student I am always looking for ways to save especially on makeup so this post is awesome for me!

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